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29 June 2023
#Mobile advertising

Pharma companies and programmatic: opportunities of mobile advertising

Advertising in mobile apps is an important tool for building brand image and attracting target audiences. The pharma companies knows that, and actively integrates mobile advertising into their marketing strategies.

Today we’ll talk about the digital pharma market. We’ll explain why it needs programmatic promotion and show by examples the nuances of this placement.

The target audience of the pharma companies

Determining the target audience of the pharma segment takes place during the preparation of the campaign.

First, BYYD mobile platform managers study the advertiser’s data properly. Afterwards, they choose the right targeting for the mobile campaign. And finally launch the campaign to the selected relevant audience of users.

How we segment the audience

To find a small audience segment, we use unique targeting methods. They’re strictly customized and depend on the wishes of the brand.

We’ll explain by case studies.

  • Relevant interests

A frequent request from the pharmaceutical companies is to find mobile users with a specific disease. For example, to find people with seasonal allergies.

What are we doing about it?

To begin with, we create direct categories of interest. In this case, users with seasonal allergies we search in the “Allergies” theme. Then build related topics to help focus the audience segment.

So, the allergy drug “Delorsin” was targeted at the direct interest “Allergy”. And then on related topics – healthy eating, vitamin supplements, medicinal herbs.

allergies and Delorsin case

The result of Brand Lift research showed: the presence of Delorsin brand after the mobile campaign increased by 74.38%.

  • Geo

This targeting is key while setting up ads. Often it’s prescribed in advance, but sometimes formed in the process of setting up the campaign.

Besides, BYYD has super-geo targeting. It’s useful if the content is broadcast to a small geographic range. Super-geo helps to draw attention to an event, announce a store opening, or increase brand awareness.

super geo and retargeting

For example, pharmacies can target nearby apartment complexes. And women’s health products – maternity hospitals and women’s clinics.

By the way, in this case we applied a super geo setting. Rich Media was shown in the client’s preferred areas and attracted people to the 3Z clinic’s services. As a result, we achieved a CTR 2.00%.

3Z case
  • Socio-demographic

Socio-demographic characteristics are important for targeting, image formats and other aspects of promotion.

For example, pregnancy meds would rather suit women in their 20s and 40s. That’s what happened in the Vitrum advertising campaign, which managed to reach more than 900,000 target users during the entire placement period.

Vitrum case
  • White list

The White List includes a pool of apps or categories for placement.

During campaign setup, we determine with the client where the ads should appear. It helps to limit content placement to certain topics and apps.

pregnant women and super geo

In BYYD you can make a white list for specific topics.

Advertising formats for pharma companies

The choice of advertising format for pharmaceutical companies depends on the purpose of the campaign and the wishes of a particular brand.

The BYYD platform allows advertising in the following formats:

  • Rich media banner
  • Fullscreen banner
  • Video
  • Interactive video

1) Rich media is an interactive banner. It’s created with the hypertext markup of HTML and can include a variety of media elements.

The Rich Media format uses many ways to display information. It can be a video, a photo gallery, or an interactive game.

So, the image invites users to interact with it – push, pull or wipe. The choice of action determines the mechanics of the format. For example, the campaign for Ibufen used a Rich Media format based on “pull” mechanics.

Ibifen - the mechanics

2) The Fullscreen banner appears after the last loaded page of the site and covers most of the user’s screen.

This format has a low cost and a high CTR. Here’s a recent example: a campaign for Önlem.
We focused on a fullscreen banner format, social media targeting and relevant interests. As a result, we were able to achieve a CTR 1.62% and reach over 1 million unique users.

Onlem case - pharma

Check out the other fullscreen banners here.

3) Video advertising is a format that immediately catches the user’s attention. Visibility and dynamics make it one of the most popular ways of promotion.

Mobile placement in BYYD provides advertisers an out-stream video format. It places the content on the text page of the site or inside the mobile app. And the user controls the watch process by himself.

video format - examples

Besides, we have a non-rewarded video and a rewarded video.

  • Non- Rewarded Video – the video is shown to the audience as a standard advertisement.
  • Rewarded Video – the video is shown to the user, and they get a reward for watching.

We also offer a special type of advertising creative – interactive video. It’s a combination of video and Rich Media formats.

4) Native banners cause more audience loyalty. They’re well integrated into the content and well-read within the interface.

The quality and quantity of native banners in the digital space has increased. Not surprisingly, because there are many advantages in this kind of placement.

The main thing here is to choose the right target options and prepare high-quality images.

Bepanten - native banners

The mobile promotion of the Bepanten brand used MIX banners, which included a native format. The chosen placement strategy helped to achieve a CTR 1.57%, as well as exceed the plan for impressions.

Who creates ads

Images for mobile promotion prepare the production department of the BYYD platform. Our specialists make eye-catching ads that attract the attention of users.

According to the goals of promotion, we can also make a landing page.

For example, our team used Rich Media creativity and a landing page to promote Bakdiar for the CIS market. In this case we got excellent behavioral indicators and the CTR value of 2.02%.

BYYD and the guarantee of safe placement

Our platform is careful with the placement process. We guarantee our clients safe promotion and clean traffic. It’s possible thanks to a range of tools, including Brand Safety.

Brand safety – steps to protect the brand from unwanted placement. A pool of tools is designed to secure a company’s image from falling into offensive or undesirable contexts.

brand safety - moderation and anti-bot

We provide full brand safety through multi-level verification.

  • checking when the application is uploaded to the storeroom;
  • verification when connecting to an SSP;
  • verification by BYYD specialists and our internal antifraud system.

brand safety for pharma

Read all about brand safety in this article.

Pharma and traffic verification by BYYD

The BYYD programmatic platform participates in the auction only with verified devices.

The security of the placement data and the purity of the traffic is confirmed by any quality control systems. We work with the following services: Weborama, Adriver, Gemius, MOAT, Sizmek, DCM, IAS, DoubleVerify.

In addition, our company provides 2 ways of traffic checking – with pixels and through code.

Brand Lift research and the pharma

The BYYD platform helps advertisers to track the performance of their mobile campaign using the Brand Lift research.

  • We show creatives with a question after the main campaign.
  • The form displays to those who already saw the main campaign’s creatives and those who didn’t.
  • The results are compared.

Let’s clarify: we exclude the Device ID of second stage users.

After the campaign for Ibupar in Kazakhstan, we ran a Brand Lift research. The study showed a significant increase in audience awareness of the brand.

Ibupar case

How pharma measures the performance of programmatic ads

First of all, the effectiveness of programmatic placement shows the CTR, the conversion rate of clicks per session and the Brand Lift study.

However, programmatic is a brandformance tool, which creates product awareness and attracts users to the brand. We talked about it in our article “How does brand marketing impact on business performance”.

brand marketing and pharma

In conclusion

The trend toward mobile advertising is obvious and it’s due to the following reasons:

  1. the ability to work with small target audiences;
  2. availability of metrics;
  3. the variety of image formats.

Using programmatic advertising by pharma companies is a key step that will lead to sustainable performance, a loyal audience and a high reputation.

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  • or through the form on the site.
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