Out-stream video ads are hosted outside the video player on the publisher’s website or in the mobile application. Out-stream is considered a more native and less annoying format compared to embedded video ads.

Benefits of Out-stream video ads:

  • For publishers monetization becomes easier. Video player and content are not required on the site or in the app.
  • For advertisers coverage becomes wider by placing Out-stream videos outside of video players. You can place such advertisements on websites and mobile applications of various topics.
  • Out-stream ads can be played on different devices, including mobile phones and tablets.
  • The user controls the viewing of such advertisements by himself. He can choose to open the video, mute the sound, or continue browsing the page without opening the video. This provides a better user experience.
  • The video stands out on the page, does not “mix” with other video content.
  • With proper out-stream targeting, video ads will be relevant to user interests and queries.

Sources: Ad Speed, Instapage

BYYD runs video ads in Out-stream format in mobile applications. Extensive targeting options and optimization of the advertising campaign allow you to achieve your goals, increase the reach and awareness of the advertiser’s brand and product.