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9 July 2024
#Mobile Environment

BYYD’s Sustainable Approach to Mobile Advertising

According to recent data, the internet accounts for 2-4% of global carbon emissions, while a typical advertising campaign emits around 5.4 tons of CO2. Thus, the digital industry is also implicated in the climate agenda.

Mobile advertising platform BYYD recognizes the importance of sustainable production and its impact on the environment. Therefore, our team is committed to meeting high standards of environmental responsibility.

Today, we will discuss how BYYD is implementing sustainable practices to minimize its negative impact on the environment.

How DMP BYYD Contributes to Reducing Carbon Emissions

BYYD constantly upgrades its platform to enhance efficiency and minimize its environmental impact.

Here are some key achievements of the company:

  • Data Storage Optimization

BYYD reduced the data retention period for auction-winning data from 1 year to 1 month after the advertising display, resulting in a decrease in stored database rows from over 6 billion to approximately 500 million.

  • Reducing the Number of Servers

Thanks to platform modernization and increased efficiency of work processes, the company managed to reduce the number of servers by 30%.

  • Neural Network Trading Algorithm

The implementation of a new algorithm increased the Win Rate and reduced auction participation by 34% without compromising volume or quality.

  • Targeting Accuracy

Utilizing ready White Lists and user behavior data from DMP BYYD increased the average CTR by 0.15%, thereby reducing ad impressions in CPC campaigns.

DMP BYYD Contributes to Reducing Carbon Emissions

Integrating Sustainability into Corporate Processes of the Platform

The BYYD team consists of employees working in various countries around the world. Priority is given to using coworking spaces instead of separate offices, which eliminates unused space and reduces energy consumption.

sustainable offices around the world BYYD

To perform their duties, BYYD employees use MacBook Air laptops, which consume less energy compared to desktop computers.

Additionally, the company actively promotes electronic document management, which helps reduce paper usage and the resources needed for printing and storing physical documents.

Sustainability in BYYD's corporate processes

Principles of Sustainability of the BYYD Platform

BYYD has formulated three key principles for a sustainable digital advertising business:

  • B – Balance

The company uses a monthly payment model for services such as Asana, Slack, Google Workspace, CRM, and coworking spaces, which minimizes unused resources and space, even though it increases costs.

  • YY – 2 Hours

Employees dedicate 2 working hours per month to clean their computers and remote storage (Google Drive, Asana, CRM, etc.) of irrelevant data.

  • D – Decentralization

Employees make decisions locally, reducing the number of emails and tasks, speeding up workflows, and reducing the load on infrastructure.

Principles of Sustainability of the BYYD Platform

Work with BYYD and contribute to a future where technology and nature exist in harmony. Explore our case studies through the link.

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