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18 November 2021
#Mobile advertising

How to attract the user’s attention? 7 Rich Media Advertising Examples

Rich Media creatives are animated banners that involve the user, “include” him in advertising, and sometimes allow him to play. It is essential to use interactive formats today, as users are tired of ads everywhere. They need to be interested to remember the advertised brand or product, which works exceptionally well for brand or product awareness campaigns. We will show how advertising looks in the Rich Media format.

1. Cook Pie, Vegetables or Steak on Redmond Grill

What is the best way to show the power of a 3-in-1 electric grill? Invite the user to test its functions! Of course, so far, only virtually. It is possible if you use Rich Media creative. Our team has created a banner where you can choose from three food options, put it on the grill, close the lid and get the finished dish. And this is not magic! You can try it yourself.

Of course, developing a creative for the advertising campaign is not all. We set up targeting by socio-demographic characteristics and interests for the right audience to see it, limiting the display to the desired location (cities of Kazakhstan). As a result, impressions exceeded 1.85 million, and the number of clicks exceeded 40 thousand.

2. Feed your pet with Whiskas and Pedigree

How to attract the target audience’s attention to the action for the Day of Animals and encourage them to participate? By showing the ones, they love – pets. Of course, by pre-setting targeting specifically to this audience by relevant interests. With the help of our Production department, we created a Rich Media creative, where the first slide showed the date of the Day of Animals, then offered to congratulate the pet with delicious food. Then, in three short slides, we talked about the rules of participation in the action. Check out the creative here.

3. Play a mobile game with Tornado Energy

How to reach an audience of passionate gamers and get their attention for an energy drink? By offering to play the game! It is possible with the Rich Media mechanics directly in ad creative. We targeted men and women between 18 and 25 with relevant gaming interests and selected an App White List where we showed an ad.

The user could actually play in the advertisement: control the hero, collect stat bonuses represented as the energy drink cans, escape from falling into the chasm. At the same time, depending on the game’s result, the user saw four different endings. See yourself! It completely gets the user involved in the ad process!

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4. Removing dirt from carpet with a Miele vacuum cleaner

How to demonstrate the power of a vacuum cleaner? By showing its work by example. It is precisely what we’ve done in this ad creative. By moving the vacuum cleaner to the center of the screen, it sucked into all the dirt. Here, too, a peculiar element of the game is included! Then a slide with two buttons is shown with the route and the transition to the brand catalog.

5. Meeting the Incredible Volume Mascara – Divage Ad

Our goal was to draw attention to the mascara that helps create volume. To do this, we have developed an advertising creative with a bright design and animation, where the heroine, slogans, and the CTA button “Learn three reasons for incredible volume” attracts attention. Also, the animated banner demonstrates the product itself. There is no game element in this creative, but the engagement is due to the bright design.

6. Getting a forecast for the year ahead from Vnukovo and Novaya Riga Outlet Village (Moscow)

This advertising campaign dedicates to announcing the Winter Sale at Vnukovo Outlet Village and Novaya Riga Outlet Village. Since the sale started before the New Year, ad creatives (separately for two outlets) focused on the upcoming year and decided to include an interactive element such as offering the user a prediction for 2021.

The predictions featured discounted items from outlets, and the last slide showed the timing of the sale and offered to go directly to the outlet’s website. Want to get your predictions? Click here and here.

7. Getting an offer from the menu depending on the time of day

We developed this ad creative for Starbucks (Turkey). Depending on the time of day (morning, afternoon, evening), it demonstrates different proposals from the coffee shop menu. The mechanics help to personalize the advertising message and draw more attention to the product. It is how screenshots of the evening menu look like.

Our Production department develops advertising creatives. We also launch ads with ready-made creatives from the client. Reach your target audience on mobile! It is where exactly it is today. Contact us.

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