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What metrics do we measure in mobile advertising campaigns?

10 September 2021

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Which ad format for mobile apps should you choose?

27 August 2021

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The Case of BYYD and Almafood: How “supergeo” mechanics helped increase brand awareness by 51%

10 August 2021

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What are Playable Ads and why do we use them?

5 August 2021

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Mobile Advertising and Fraud: How to Optimize the Strategy to not Lose Money?

23 July 2021

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How to measure audience quality in a mobile ad campaign: post-click metrics

16 July 2021

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What is a lookalike audience and how does it work?

2 July 2021

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Does the process for purchasing programmatic ads in apps change with the iOS 14.5 update?

18 June 2021

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