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9 February 2022
#Mobile advertising

Food advertising: 5 Best Mobile Ideas

Food advertising can be exciting and extraordinary. Among the campaigns we implemented with our platform, we have collected the best ideas and practices for promoting brands and products in this area. Let us share it now!

1. Don’t limit to an audience with culinary interests

To reach your target audience, choosing the correct targeting parameters is essential. It is an axiom for the implementation of an advertising campaign. And to promote food products as well. The true is, the target audience can be much broader only here, and potential customers can be attracted not only on apps dedicated to culinary.

For example, to promote the company’s product “Korovka iz Korenovki,” we set up targeting according to socio-demographic indicators and the interests of audience segments. These included parents, office workers, and users with an average income level and below. The logic is simple: ice cream is a highly demanded product. Parents make their children happy with this delicacy. And do not mind eating it yourself. As a result, we reached over 200,000 users and exceeded the click-through rate by 2% within budget.

Another example from our experience is the promotion of Violio oil. The emphasis in the promotion and advertising creations was on the beneficial properties of sunflower oil for health and beauty. It just so happened that the “health and beauty” trigger is more relevant to the female audience, so we focused on it. In addition to combining interest-based targeting, our team has put together a White-list of applications for posting by categories popular with a female audience (sports and health, recipes, shopping, and others).

2. Choosing native placement relevant to the topic of the product

The user perceives native advertising as something natural. It is not annoying since it inscribes to the context of the app. For example, the promotion of healthy crispbread in applications for training or healthy lifestyle topics. It makes sense that a person interested in fitness who uses a workout app monitors their diet and chooses healthy, low-calorie foods. We have chosen this method of promotion for Dr. Korner products. And within the framework of the native placement, they covered more than 700 thousand users.

3. Raise interest using recipes with the advertised product

Providing helpful content to your target audience is also a good practice, not only for promoting food products. But in this area, you can try the most obvious (and working!) way — showing dish recipes with the advertised product as an ingredient. Thus, the user will immediately appreciate the product’s usefulness and practical application. We used this technique in the promotion of Myllyn Paras oatmeal. Our Production department developed an advertising creative in the Rich Media format, where, in addition to the announcement of the product, they offered several recipes with it. Take a look at what it looks like.

4. Segmenting target audience and personalizing ads

Food products are highly demanded products. But not to inflate the advertising budget, it is worth segmenting the target audience and personalizing ad creatives for each segment.

So, for example, we did it in the framework of cooperation with the NeMoloko company. We divided the target audience into four segments: vegetarians, healthy lifestyle followers, dieting, and consuming / not consuming dairy products consciously. An ad creative was developed for each segment and led to different product pages, where users could learn more about NeMoloko. We also applied the strategy of placing in different categories: shopping, recipes/menus, sports/fitness, health. As a result of the two approaches, users saw ads for the brand’s products more than 20 million (!) times.

We also divided the target audience into segments to promote another product, “Saratovsky” mayonnaise from “Ya lublu gotovit”. The target audience was segmented by age and gender: men, women, youth. And we offered for each segment a separate Rich Media ad creative with a corresponding trigger. For example, for men, “Don’t know how to appease your hunger?” And for young people, “Have you a meeting with friends?”.

5. Connecting the game

We suggest including an element of gamification even in advertising for the promotion of a food product. Of course, if it’s appropriate. Among the advertising campaigns we have implemented, there is the one with the Alta Roma coffee brand. Our Production department developed a Rich Media advertising creative, in which we focused on the origin country of this product and on the actual “complaint” of the audience (“Dreaming of travel to Italy, but the country borders are closed?”). The advertisement invited the user to “play” by throwing a coin into the Trevi Fountain in Rome and then making a “virtual trip” to Italy, having tasted aromatic coffee. Check out what this ad creative looked like.

Food advertising can be attractive, high-quality, and effective. We at BYYD specialize in image campaigns and are ready to help increase your product awareness and attract an audience to your site. Contact us!

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