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Advertising campaign
myllyn paras_en
Announcing of the new product of the brand, creating a landing page and attracting new users to the website
• Fullscreen Interstitials
Rich Media Banners with route mechanics
• Online optimization by the apps
• Google Analytics
• Device ID retargeting
• Targeting by interests
Several areas in Russian Federation

Creating the landing page

Our production team has created special landing page for the product


In order to reach the target audience during the main period, we targeted people by socio demographic targetings as well as Geo targetings (country regions where the main selling supermarket chains are presented). We also used the relevant interests of the high-level income audience connected to families, healthy lifestyle, culinary and healthy eating


During the second part of the campaign we targeted the users that were interested and clicked on the ad during the first part (Fullscreen Interstitials) and showed them the Rich Media Banners in order to follow up and make the users even more involved

Google Analytics

The optimization was done with the help of the BYYD platform statistics as well as the reports from GA. During the campaign we collected the apps that showed the best post-click behaviour on the website


Results of the first part of the campaign(gathering data for retargeting)
Due to the high quality optimization we could achieve the needed KPIs:
• CTR — 1.53%
• Impressions — 2 046 259
• Sessions — 23 082
• Average time on the website — 1:14
• Bounce rate — 39.80%
• Clicks/Sessions discrepancy — 26.1%
• Impressions frequency ≈ 2
• Unique users reach — 902 141

Results of the retargeting part of the campaign where we reached the users that clicked during the first part
Starting from the second week of the campaign we added new interested users’ Device IDs daily and showed them Rich Media Banner with two buttons. One of them brought the user to the landing page and the second one created the direction on the map in the mobile device to the closest point of sale.
There is also a possibility to read more about the recipes using the product
Rich Media

• CTR — 2.55%
• Impressions — 308 048
• Clicks to the website — 6 074, for directions — 1 778
• Sessions — 4 526
• Average time on the website — 1:11
• Bounce rate — 36,48%
• Clicks/Sessions discrepancy — 25,4%
• Impressions frequency ≈ 10
• Unique users reach — 29 683

During the retargeting part of the campaign we also showed great results. The users that clicked on the Fullscreen Interstitial were more interested in interacting with Rich Media banners (CTR 2.5%) which helped us overfulfill the planned number of impressions by 1% within the budget. The campaign had 115 fixed goals in Google Analytics.

REACH — - 902 141
Device manufacturers (top 5)
Screenshots of placements
Advertising campaign
Advertising campaign

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