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8 May 2024
#Mobile advertising

Comparing top app stores: Huawei AppGallery, App Store, and Google Play

In the modern world, the choice of an app store is becoming increasingly important in the context of mobile advertising. Each of them has its own features and advantages for developers and brands.

For a long time, the main app stores have been the App Store and Google Play. They provided wide opportunities for advertising and distributing applications. However, recently, the Huawei AppGallery has also become a significant player in the mobile app market.

In this material, we will analyze all three main app stores: Huawei AppGallery, the App Store, and Google Play. We will consider their advantages and disadvantages, as well as talk about the advertising placement opportunities in the apps of the Huawei AppGallery using the BYYD platform.

Huawei AppGallery

Huawei AppGallery is the official app store for Huawei and Honor mobile devices, developed by Huawei Technologies.

Launched in 2011 in China, AppGallery was initially geared towards the Chinese audience, offering apps that were popular among Chinese users. However, since 2019, the situation has changed.

Huawei has actively developed and promoted AppGallery as an alternative to Google Play. It has become more accessible to international markets, and its app catalog has significantly expanded. Now, users can find a variety of apps, including those from banks, communication services, travel, and others, making AppGallery more appealing to users beyond China.

Huawei AppGallery is

App Store

App Store is the official app store for Apple devices, developed by Apple Inc. The first App Store was launched on July 10, 2008, alongside the release of iOS 2.0. It serves as the primary source for downloading applications for iPhone, iPad, and other Apple devices.

App Store offers a wide selection of applications, including games, educational programs, and much more. Moreover, its popularity is attributed to its user-friendly navigation, extensive catalog, and security system, making it one of the most popular stores in the world.

In addition to numerous advantages, the App Store also has some drawbacks. Users may encounter a limited choice of applications and potential compatibility issues with devices from other manufacturers.

For small brands, advertising on the App Store can be expensive due to high commissions for advertising space sales.

App Store is

Is AppGallery an alternative to the App Store?

Huawei AppGallery and Apple’s App Store are two major app stores, each with its unique features and advantages.

Huawei’s AppGallery is actively expanding its app catalog and aims to attract Android users, especially after sanctions were imposed. However, it faces challenges in terms of security and app quality.

Meanwhile, Apple’s App Store is known for its reliability, high quality, and wide selection of applications, making it the preferred choice for Apple device users.

Google Play

Google Play is the primary app store for Android devices, available since 2012. It offers a wide range of applications, including games, multimedia programs, social networks, and more. Users also have access to services for renting and purchasing movies, music, and books.

Google Play is known for its user-friendly interface, diverse search and recommendation features, as well as regular updates. However, high competition in the store can make it difficult to promote an application among others, especially for brands advertising in the same space and category.

For users, a large selection of applications can make it challenging to choose the most suitable one, as well as potential issues with the quality and security of the software.

Google Play is

Is AppGallery an alternative to Google Play?

AppGallery and Google Play offer different experiences for users. Some prefer Google Play for its wide selection of applications and availability of popular services that may not be accessible in AppGallery.

However, for some users and developers, AppGallery may be a convenient choice, especially in light of recent events and changes in relations between Huawei and Western companies.

AppGallery offers a variety of applications, from games to communication services and financial tools. Huawei is also actively working to expand the AppGallery ecosystem, attracting developers and expanding the app catalog.

A comparison between the most popular app stores: Huawei App Gallery, App Store and Google Play

Which app stores support advertising?

It’s important to advertise in the most popular app stores, such as Huawei AppGallery, App Store, and Google Play. Since each audience has its own preferences, using different platforms helps reach the maximum number of potential users.

Additionally, considering that some apps may only be available in certain stores, it’s important to have a presence in each of them to avoid missing out on part of your target audience.

BYYD works with apps from: Huawei App Gallery, App Store, and Google Play

By the way, the BYYD platform allows advertising in apps from any app store, including Huawei AppGallery, App Store, and Google Play. We can choose specific types of apps, such as utilities, currency converters, dating platforms, games, and much more.

In this case, we promoted Pepsi in Armenia. To do this, we set up social and demographic targeting and selected relevant interests related to leisure, hobbies, food, and beverages. During the promotion, we reached 661,754 users and exceeded the CTR target.

advertising of Pepsi brand

When it comes to devices where the ads were displayed, Huawei devices were among the top 3 in popularity.

By the way, ads are often shown to owners of Huawei and Honor devices. For example, this was the case in our successful campaigns for Flash Energy, Hyundai, and Pedigree. Therefore, placing ads in AppGallery apps is a great idea.

advertising in ads from Huawei App Gallery, App Store, and Google Play

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