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20 November 2023
#Mobile advertising

3 best examples of in-app advertising from the BYYD programmatic platform

It is not easy to find examples of mobile advertising that clearly demonstrate all the benefits of this type of promotion. However, we managed to do it, and we have gathered a selection of real examples from the BYYD platform for you. They allow you to see the advantages of in-app advertising for each market segment, as well as to evaluate the features of in-app placement.

But first, let’s answer an important question:

Why do you need mobile advertising?

Mobile advertising is advertising that is shown to users on mobile devices. This method of promotion is now considered effective, as it attracts users’ attention to the brand and ensures constant growth of the target audience.

This is partly due to the fact that people are spending more and more time online. According to the latest data, this figure is about 7 hours. At the same time, most of the time users spend online via mobile devices.

That’s why brands are heavily investing in mobile advertising – because users come across it regularly. And, as we know, the more often a person sees a brand in the digital space, the better their attitude towards it.

In addition, in-app advertising is able to solve problems such as:

  • expanding the target audience
  • sales increase
  • increase brand awareness

benefits of mobile advertising

We have found out what mobile advertising is and why it is needed. And now let’s look at examples of mobile advertising inside apps.

1) Promotion of the tourism segment

The tourism industry is consistently in demand since people go on vacations throughout the year. However, potential travelers often have a longing to go somewhere without a clear idea of their destination. This is where brand image advertising becomes highly effective.

This was the approach taken by the Dubai brand when they engaged with us. The primary objective of the promotion was to increase awareness among the audience about the “Dubai Shopping Festival” and tourism in Dubai.

Dubai brand case study

To solve the tasks, we used a whole set of tools: socio-demographic targeting, targeting by relevant interests and optimization by sites. Rich Media banner  was chosen as the advertising creative. In addition, we created a landing page specifically for this campaign.

During the campaign, we carefully hand-selected apps. And those that showed unsatisfactory results were blacklisted.

As a result, the reach of the most interested audience exceeded the target volume of clicks by 19%. And the CTR achieved 2.01%.

2) Promotion of the pharmaceutical segment

As mentioned in our comprehensive guide on programmatic advertising opportunities for pharmaceutical companies, in-app advertising offers several benefits for brands in this sector. These include:

  • The capability to target specific audiences effectively.
  • A range of metrics for assessing the performance of mobile advertising.
  • Flexibility in the types of content.
By the way, the BYYD platform offers the ability to advertise on women’s health apps. Click to learn more.

Motivated by these benefits, the Önlem brand launched a mobile campaign on the BYYD programmatic platform in Turkey. Our objective was not only to enhance brand awareness but also to attract targeted traffic to the company’s website through Fullscreen banners.

Önlem brand case study

As a result, we achieved a CTR of 1.62%. Furthermore, the effectiveness of our campaign was validated by data from Google Analytics, showing an average session duration on the website of two and a half minutes.

3) Promotion of the automotive segment

Cars fall into the premium goods category, as the choice to purchase is typically made by individuals with the financial means for such an investment. However, this doesn’t imply a hasty decision. On the contrary, acquiring a car involves thorough preparation.

To help buyers decide, it’s crucial they know about the car’s benefits beforehand. This is where mobile programmatic advertising comes in handy, attracting attention to the brand and enhancing the audience’s perception.

This played out well in the promotion of Geely, the rapidly growing car brand by Geely Auto.

Geely Auto in-app advertising

In addition to the main image tasks, our goal was also to attract the people to the brand’s website. For this purpose, we set up targeting men and women 25-50 years old, and in relevant interests we singled out 3 topics: cars, interests by income level, children/family.

The full-screen banner was broadcast in mobile apps of the respective categories. As a result, we managed to exceed the target CTR and get a value of 1.58%.

Geely Auto promotion results

For over 8 years, we’ve assisted brands in addressing image issues through mobile application advertising. Our expertise is validated by the success of thousands of in-app advertising campaigns.

If you want to see other examples of using BYYD platform, explore all the examples of mobile promotion on our website.

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