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13 October 2023
#Mobile advertising

Women’s health marketing: advertising in period tracker and fertility apps

Products and services for women’s mental and physical health hold a significant share of the global market. Brands employ various methods to reach their target audience. However, one of the most effective approaches today is advertising in period tracker and fertility apps, and other women’s health applications.

Today, let’s discuss women’s health marketing. We will explain what programmatic advertising is and how it helps brands promote their products and services in women-focused app categories.

What is programmatic advertising

Programmatic advertising is a format where the buying and selling of advertising space occurs automatically. This format does not involve direct communication between the advertiser and the platform owner.

To initiate programmatic advertising, all you need to do is reach out to the relevant programmatic platform. It will assist you in identifying your target audience and configuring automatic ad placements on selected platforms.

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How to find a female users in mobile apps

Targeted advertising is an essential tool for reaching a specific audience. This is precisely why we employ it within advertising campaigns on our platform.

For instance, if an advertiser needs to locate a female audience with specific characteristics, the targeting tools of the BYYD platform can assist in achieving this goal.

In BYYD, you can customize targeting based on:

  • Socio-demographic factors
  • Relevant interests
  • Device language
  • Operating system
  • App categories

Moreover, our platform offers retargeting capabilities based on Device ID. To delve deeper into all the possibilities offered by BYYD, you can explore further details through this link.

women’s health marketing and targeting

Returning to the topic of women’s apps

As mentioned earlier, one of the targeting tools involves configuring app categories. In this case, if an advertiser wishes to exclusively target specific women-centric themes or simply include them in the list of placements, we can easily accommodate this.

For instance, if a brand wants to reach an audience interested in women’s health and wellness, we can specifically target applications related to that category. This precise targeting allows advertisers to effectively reach their desired audience in the women’s apps.

How pharma companies can advertise on mobile apps – learn from this article.

pharma brands and byyd
Over the past 8 years, BYYD has implemented many campaigns, including those related to women’s health and maternity.

The BYYD platform provides the opportunity to advertise in women’s health apps within the following categories

  • Period Tracking Apps
  • Ovulation tracking apps
  • Pregnancy tracking apps
  • Breastfeeding apps

Here is a list of women’s health app categories for mobile advertising placements

Menstrual and ovulation tracking apps

  • Period Calendar Period Tracker
  • “MyDays X Women Cycle Calendar”
  • Period Diary Ovulation Tracker
  • Maya – My Period Tracker 
  • LADYTIMER Period Tracker
  • Period Tracker: Monthly Cycles 
  • My Calendar – Period Tracker
  • Period Tracker – Pepapp

Pregnancy tracking apps

  • Curiosity Lab-Age&Baby Explore
  • Pregnancy Tracker – BabyInside
  • Календарь беременности – Momly
  • Pregnancy and Due Date Tracker
  • Календарь беременности по дням
  • Mutlu Anne – Happy Mom Hamilel
  • Mutlu Anne • Hamilelik Takibi
  • Hamilelik Takibi
  • Hamile Rehberi
  • Gebelik hamilelik takibi
  • Hamilelik Takibi – Elika
  • Hamilelik Haftası Hesaplama
  • Gebelik Hamilelik Takibi
  • Gün Gün hamilelik Takibi
women’s health marketing: period tracker and fertility apps

Moms and parenting apps

  • Baby Tracker – Newborn Log
  • Pregnancy + | Tracker App
  • amma Pregnancy & Baby Tracker
  • Baby tracker – feeding, sleep
  • Pregnancy Tracker – BabyCenter
  • Pregnancy & Baby Tracker – WTE
  • Pregnancy Tracker
  • Baby: Breastfeeding Tracker
  • Baby Sleep – White Noise
  • Cute Baby Stickers: Jin Miran
  • BabyGenerator Guess baby face
  • Baby Video Maker With Song
  • Baby Photo Frames
  • Baby Sleep Sounds – White Noise Generator
  • Baby Stickers for WhatsApp
  • Baby Photo Frames
  • Baby Photo Editor
  • Baby Sleep Sounds
  • Baby Month Complete Photo Frame – Baby Collage
  • Kids Frames
  • Happy Kids • Bebek Gelişimi
  • Happy Kids • Bebek Gelişimi
  • Perfect365 Makeup Photo Editor
  • Guess Future Baby Face – Make your future baby
  • Play Band – Digital music band for kids
  • My Talking Tom 
  • My Talking Angela 2
  • Woodoku
  • Tile King – Triple Match
  • Words of Wonders: Crossword
  • Candy Crush Saga
  • Craftsman: Building Craft
  • X2 Blocks: 2048 Number Games
  • Sudoku – Classic Sudoku Puzzle
  • Eerskraft – Explorations

As an example, let’s take Weleda brand advertising in women’s apps.

weleda brand promotion

Recently, a mobile campaign for Weleda was launched on the BYYD platform. Our goal was to increase brand awareness and drive targeted traffic to the website using mobile programmatic advertising.

To achieve this, we meticulously crafted our campaign, focusing on specific demographic groups and relevant interests. This involved engaging users with moderate to high incomes who were interested in topics such as maternity, health, wellness, sports, beauty, fashion, and shopping.

weleda Rich Media example

The results were remarkable, as the first flight achieved a CTR of 1.88%, and the second flight performed even better with a CTR of 1.9%.

top apps for women’s health

In conclusion

As we say, advertising in women’s apps is an effective way for brands to get their message.

By the way, we provide a wide variety of app categories. This enables every advertiser to find a suitable category and launch their mobile advertising campaign successfully.

With such diverse options, advertisers can precisely tailor their campaigns to connect with their desired audience in a highly effective manner, making the most of the BYYD platform’s capabilities.

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