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25 July 2023
#Internet marketing

Social Media Trends 2023 – an overview of the HubSpot and BrandWatch report

How social media replaces search engines, why it’s important to build online communities and the reason why short videos drive business results – in our review of the Global Social Media Trends Report by Hubspot and BrandWatch.

Trend #1: An active online community – the must-have of 2023

According to the Global Social Media Trends Report, 9 out of 10 marketers believe that online community is the guarantee of successful promotion. Such loyal communities are formed around a strong brand concept.

online mentions about digital communities

For example, in the last 3 years, more than one million users have mentioned the importance of online groups.

online community in the past 3 months

However, there are factors that have influenced the social media trends 2023. For example, due to changes in privacy policies and the appearance of new platforms, users are less likely to use familiar spaces.

HubSpot specialist Crystal King thinks that the solution is to use niche social networks. Viral content published in them will help attract and retain users.

And do you know what channel is also great at increasing brand awareness? Programmatic!

Business has long been using mobile promotion to create user interest and increase awareness. Big brands such as PepsiCo, Philips, Mercedes Benz, Mars and others already use programmatic advertising on the BYYD platform.

Learn how programmatic media buying works here.

media buying and trends

In addition, the authors of the study advise to focus on finding the target audience. And also to create content for specific segments.

By the way, on the BYYD platform, the right targeting settings allow you to show ads to interested users. This is what happened in the case of the Haval brand.

Haval brand case study

To reach a relevant audience, we used social-demographic targeting and relevant interests. The banners were shown to a female and male audience of 25-57 years old. As relevant interests we used: cars or car repair, driving, money opportunities, travel, recreational vehicles and others.

Thanks to daily manual optimization, we were able to achieve CTR – 1,86% and reached more than 400k users.

Trend #2: Social media is the future of customer service

In recent years, people are more willing to interact with a product seller through social media. Moreover, 84% of marketers believe that social media will become the most important channel to connect with customers.

For example, in the last 3 years, more than one million users have mentioned the importance of online groups.

mentions about DMs are increasing

While each popular platform is unique, there are customer service rules that apply to all social networks. For example, the choice of emoji influences a customer’s buying decision.

emoji and social trends

Global Social Media Trends Report ranked the 10 most popular emoji in customer service conversations. Proper use of them can help increase customer connection with a brand.

ROI of each social media platform

Trend #3: Social networks are the new search engines

Social media is turning into a search engine. Zoomers already prefer to search for brand information through popular platforms. And a quarter of consumers aged 18-54 have turned to social media more often to find information.

It’s understandable: the short format of personal stories is entertaining and not time-consuming.

However, in order to find a brand, you need to know whom to look for. And at the stage of demand formation, brandformance tools work very well. For example, mobile programmatic. At BYYD, we carefully influence the target audience and build their brand interest.

brandformance marketing tools

In addition, the Hubspot and Brandwatch report speaks about the importance of platforms’ seo-tools. You can’t do without them if you want to keep your brand popular.

According to Assistant Marketing Manager Erin McCool, because social media algorithms are constantly changing, it’s important to optimize content for social media trends 2023 and for current search standards now.

Trend #4: Short videos will become more popular

Short videos – a popular format among consumers and marketers alike. In 2023, experts are actively investing in video content production and producing 2 times more video content.

People prefer short, dynamic videos, and companies are already capitalizing on this advantage. For example, according to the Global Social Media Trends Report, millennials and zoomers are more likely to learn about a brand through the video format.

Mobile advertising also has tools that instantly engage the user.

programmatic placement formats

BYYD platform allows advertisers to place Rich Media and video inventory. We offer both standard video placement and pay-per-view. Read more about programmatic video formats here.

Trend #5: Users choose positive content

The most popular emotion on social media today is joy. Users talk about it more often in posts, and digital experts predict an increase of positive content in the near future.

influencers and creators on the most in 2023

In addition, relevant content is still in demand. Posts where the author supports the user and offers a solution to a problem attract the attention of search algorithms and the audience alike.

consumers' emotions in socials

To engage the user, Global Social Media Trends Report recommends using the following types of content:

  • Behind-the-scenes content

Workflows, helpful messages from employees and other useful content. People like to be involved and have exclusive information.

  • Content that reflects brand values

A conversation with the founder, employees and competitors will help emphasize the values of the business. After all, who better than a participant of the process can honestly talk about the product.

  • Interactive content such as polls, games and AR/VR experiences

The meta universe and modern technologies are the new trend. On social networks, you can share not only scientific discoveries, but also content generated by neural networks.

By the way, BYYD’s production department creates not only static but also dynamic formats.

For example, Rich Media allows the user to interact with the screen. For this purpose, different mechanics are used: clicking, wiping and others.

Such content attracts the audience’s attention to the brand and makes them interested in the advertising offer. See how interactivity is applied in Rich Media here.

Trend #6: Re-sharing the same content across platforms doesn’t work in 2023

When time and work resources were scarce, digital professionals often used cross-posting. Now when each social network is an exclusive platform with a unique audience, this strategy doesn’t work.

content across platforms

The experts at Global Social Media Trends Report advise creating content with a platform-specific focus. This requires knowledge of the socio-demographic characteristics of each media channel’s audience, their tone of voice and social media trends 2023 in general.

For those who find it difficult to create unique posts, Brandwatch advises using neural networks and user-generated content. The AI will help with text writing and image generation, and user-generated publications will become an indispensable part of the content plan.

The BrandWatch specialist noted that it’s necessary to broadcast interesting content throughout every platform. After all, the goal is to interest and engage the audience across all channels.

Trend #7: AI is changing how we create

After the brilliant emergence of ChatGPT in 2023, neural networks have expanded their functionality to become an important support for content creation.

Now the ability to work with AI is becoming an important resume item. However, there’s no reason to worry – neural networks won’t replace marketing specialists soon (and here’s why).

the conversation around AI is growing

BrandWatch also advised to remember:

  • Artificial intelligence will help to find information and inspiration. It will be useful in creating content when resources are limited.
  • Before you post AI content, it’s important to keep copyright in mind. The point is that neural network infoproducts are a gray area. And you must be assured of copyright exclusivity to use AI content for commercial purposes.
  • AI can help not only with creating content, but also with routine tasks. For example, work with data can be delegated to neural networks. We’ve already talked about how data management automation solves business problems here.

Social media trends 2023 – metrics, goals and industry challenges by HubSpot and BrandWatch

According to the Global Social Media Trends Report, increasing brand awareness, attracting traffic and building a loyal community are the key goals of the digital market in 2023.

social media trends 2023 - primary goals

To achieve them, it is important to use all available channels of communication with the audience. After all, omnichannel will ensure comfortable communication at all brand touchpoints.

HubSpot and BrandWatch - industries in conversations about influencers and bloggers

Websites, social media, mobile app advertising – these and other tools are a great way to promote a brand.

The main metrics social media marketers are using to measure the success of organic/paid campaigns in 2023 are:

  • traffic to your website;
  • impressions/views;
  • lead generation;
  • likes/comments;
  • overall sales/revenue.
primary metrics in social media 2023

As for the industry’s primary challenges – they’re roughly the same: creating engaging content, reaching the target audience, finding new ideas for new content and others.

the highest ROO 2023

All this we also solve thanks to programmatic advertising in mobile apps. Take a look at our cases, and if you have any questions, please contact us at

In conclusion

The Global Social Media Trends Report showed unexpected social media trends 2023. The main thing – to be able to apply them correctly not only in a single platform, but also across all available channels.

If you want to achieve your goals consistently, don’t limit yourself by one way of promotion. Start interacting with the user from the very beginning of the sales funnel.

BYYD mobile app advertising can help with this. Learn more from our presentation.

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