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Movie Case

The real estate market is a permanently growing and developing segment of the global and Russian markets. A huge number of proposals in the construction sphere, a massive "attack" of standard advertising formats – posters, billboards, advertisements in printed media – leads to the fact that clients pay attention to them more and more seldom.

In this regard, mobile advertising is a successful alternative for the promotion of this category. The Mobile Advertising Platform BYYD allows to target advertising both on young families, and over age category of customers with great financial opportunities.

Convenience of advertising of such format is supported by the ability to contact with the representative of the company, using the phone number listed on the banner.

Some of our campaigns are conducted together with other organizations, so the banner placement in partner applications gives a large effect. The client doesn't need to spend time for acquaintance with the advertised real estate \"in real\". We produce interactive advertising banners with a possibility of complete overview of the interior and exterior.

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