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Movie Case

FMCG is a progressive sector, which target audience is easy-going and active people, who appreciate every minute of their time. Mobile is their essential attribute, they use it 24/7. Therefore it is important to broadcast advertisements via this channel.

The Mobile Advertising Platform BYYD creates very attractive interactive banners for mobile devices. There is a possibility of transition from a banner to the landing page of the company, which shows detailed descriptions of existing promotions, addresses and contacts of the nearest points of sales network. Besides, users can transfer from banners and make an online order or delivery without spending time, that considerably increases their loyalty to the company and reduces time of making of target action.

Our production-studio prepares several options of creative for different target audiences, taking into account their age, gender and interests.

With the target on geo-location, you will be able to cover those users, who are closely located to your point of sale, and guide them to your cafe or restaurant.

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