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12 January 2024
#Mobile advertising

Promoting Financial Services in Mobile Apps: Examples and Strategies

Promoting financial services in mobile apps plays a crucial role in promoting brands associated with finance. Investment, insurance, and financial management platforms are already gaining popularity.

According to eMarketer, major players in the market are actively increasing their advertising budgets in response to this trend. By the end of 2023, digital advertising spending on financial services accounted for 6.8% of the total global advertising expenditure.

This creates unique opportunities for financial brands aiming to capture the attention of their target audience.

Financial Services Industry Digital Ad Spending 2023

Programmatic advertising in financial apps becomes particularly relevant. What advantages does it offer? How to launch it successfully? What results to expect?

Here, we’ll address all these questions and explore successful examples of mobile promotion on the BYYD platform.

Promoting Financial Services in Mobile Apps – benefits

The attractiveness of mobile advertising in financial apps is rooted in its effectiveness for all participants in the process, from advertisers to end-users.

Why it’s crucial:

  • Access to the target audience

Users of financial apps frequently exhibit active interest in investments, loans, insurance, and financial management. Consequently, advertising in apps with similar themes allows for efficiently delivering messages to the target audience.

Such precise targeting ensures effective impact on users and enables alignment with their interests and needs.

  • Increased conversion and sales

Mobile advertising in financial apps assists brands in reaching users at the right moment, specifically when they are managing their finances. For instance, if someone is using an expense-tracking app, advertising a financial product can capture their attention, consequently enhancing the user’s interest in the brand’s offerings.

  • Enhancement of user experience

Furthermore, mobile advertising in financial apps improves the user experience. For instance, advertising a new investment tool not only informs users but also seamlessly integrates into the consumed content. This positively influences the user’s trust in the chosen platform.

  • Strengthening trust and brand recognition

Placing ads for financial brands in financial apps contributes to building trust in these brands. Seeing a brand in the context of finance may lead users to perceive it as more authoritative and reliable.

In this way, mobile advertising in financial apps serves as a powerful tool. It helps:

  • Convey information to the target audience
  • Increase sales volumes
  • Enhance the user experience
  • Contribute to building trust in the brand

How to Place Ads within a Financial App using the Programmatic Platform BYYD

Typically, placing ads within a financial app using the programmatic platform BYYD involves several steps:

Examples of Mobile Advertising in Financial Apps
  • Step 1 – Defining the Target Audience

Clients provide a profile of their target audience. Next, we assist in identifying the suitable audience for ad placement.

  • Step 2 – Creative Ad Development

Our Production department takes charge of developing advertising content, considering the individual goals of each advertiser. By the way, we do this for free.

Check out the Rich Media banners on our website.

  • Step 3 – Targeting and Placement

After determining the target audience, targeting parameters are configured for effective ad placement. We typically recommend selecting multiple themes to broaden audience reach.

  • Step 4 – Optimization and Analytics

Launched campaigns are continuously optimized based on analytical data from the BYYD platform and other services. This enables the identification of successful strategies and making necessary adjustments to the campaign.

Learn more about launching ads in financial apps from our presentation.

financial services in mobile apps

Examples of Mobile Advertising in Financial Apps

BYYD has specialized in brand advertising on mobile apps for over 8 years. Thanks to this hands-on experience, we understand how to advertise financial services in mobile apps for optimal results.

Now let’s take a look at successful examples where advertising in financial apps has helped achieve impressive performance metrics.


Let’s review the past mobile marketing strategy of Unicapital in Baku, Sumgait, and Absheron.

The primary goal was to enhance brand awareness and website traffic. Precise targeting methods were employed, focusing on audience interests such as finance, investments, and business.

audience interests in finance, investment and business

The optimization of the mobile campaign relied on data from the BYYD platform and Google Analytics. Throughout the campaign, applications were selected based on their performance metrics: low bounce rates, extended website visit durations, and a low click/session mismatch.

Apps with low user interest in the advertising offer were blacklisted. It’s worth noting that emphasis was placed on applications aligning with financial themes.

As a result of the campaign, we exceeded key performance indicators. Our CTR surpassed 2.0%, and the Bounce rate was higher than the average market value.


Master Card

Our objective was to inform customers about the promotion and attract the target audience to the website. To achieve this, we utilized tools like interest targeting and app/CTR optimization.

Rich Media was displayed to individuals aged 24-50, both male and female, in Tbilisi, Batumi, and Kutaisi, interested in career counseling, personal finance, stocks/shares, etc.

Master Card in Tbilisi, Batumi, and Kutaisi

The advertising campaign was optimized based on BYYD platform statistics. Our mobile managers strategically chose apps that yielded the best results in the campaign. As a result, we achieved an impressive CTR of 2.05%.

If you’re also looking to kickstart a mobile advertising campaign in the financial segment – the time has come! Reach out to the BYYD platform, and we’ll assist you in engaging your target audience and achieving impressive results.

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