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Advertising campaign
Redmond Steakmaster Series
• Increasing awareness of REDMOND grill and its benefits
• Attracting users to the site
• Encourage users to buy
• Interactive banner RichMedia
• Targeting of socio-demographic characteristics and relevant interests
Cities of Kazakhstan

To reach the target audience of users interested in buying a grill, the following set of interests was used:

Main interest group:

Cooking, Healthy/Low-Calorie Nutrition, Natural Foods, Diet/Weight Control, Health, Sports, etc.

Interests by income level:

Career Orientation, Career Development Efforts, Career Growth, Money, Investments, Real Estate/Apartments, etc.


To increase user engagement, dynamic HTML-5 RichMedia with game mechanics was created. The user was asked to cook grilled meat, pie, or vegetables to choose from. Using these mechanics, the main functions of the 3 in 1 grill were shown.


• Impressions:
planned – 1,850,000
actual – 1,851,508

• Clicks:
planned – 37,000
actual – 40 616

CTR - 2,19%
Operating system
Screenshots of placements
Advertising campaign
Advertising campaign

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