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Advertising campaign
Tornado Energy
• Increasing product knowledge
• Increase brand loyalty
• Attracting the CA to the web-site
• Demand stimulation
• Interactive RichMedia banner with interaction mechanics
• Landing page
• Targeting on social demographics and interests
• Yandex Metric
Russian Federation


The main goal was to reach the target audience of gamers interested in buying energy drinks. In order to reach the designated audience, a set of the following targets was used:

• Socio-demographic parameters: men and women age 18-25 years old
• Relevant interests: Gaming, Video/computer games, Video games, Home video games, etc.
• WL gaming applications


In order to attract the audience of gamers, the RichMedia banner was made like a game with implemented interaction. The user could follow how the character of the game goes through the level, losing energy in the battle with the monsters, then a backpack appeared and the user was given a choice of Tornado Energy drinks to raise the player's energy. When choosing a drink, detailed taste information appeared. It allowed to increase user engagement and exceed KPI on CTR.

Also, there was made the landing page on our side, with the theme of the game used in the Rich Media. The landing page opens the advantages of each taste and added voting for your favorite taste to attract user attention. Landing page you can view here


As a result of the advertising campaign, the following indicators were obtained:

• The impressions and clicks volume have exceeded within budget
• Average CTR for both flights – 2,18%

Average time on the website:
• first flight – 00:01:24
• second flight – 00:01:47

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Screenshots of placements
Advertising campaign
Advertising campaign

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