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21 October 2021
#Mobile advertising

Home Appliances Advertising: 4 Best Practices

Among the advertising campaigns implemented by our team, there are many examples of working with brands and products from the home appliances segment. We decided to collect the practices that we used in advertising and share them.

1. Reveal functionality through a virtual “game”

Gamification has long been a great way to catch the user’s attention and increase their engagement. People love to play, and the growth of users of mobile games confirms it. Through the game format of advertising, you can unobtrusively reveal the functionality of the product. And we’ve applied these mechanics in several home appliance ad campaigns.

The first example is an advertising campaign for the Redmond 3-in-1 grill. To demonstrate the advantages of a household device and its capabilities, we developed a creative in the Rich Media format. We offered the user to “cook” three dishes wished: meat, vegetables, or pie. Thus, we unobtrusively presented the “3 in 1” functions, which interested the target audience. Ad impressions exceeded 1.8 million, and the number of clicks exceeded 40 thousand.

Another example is an advertising campaign dedicated to a new product in the LG vacuum cleaner series. In the ad creative (also a dynamic Rich Media format), we offered users to “start cleaning” with a vacuum cleaner. See how it looked. As a result, we managed to reach more than 900 thousand unique users. During the advertising period, the plan for impressions was exceeded (without increasing the budget) and reached 2,000,974.

2. Get creative by focusing on the product

Gamification is not the only way to advertise creatively. For example, as part of an advertising campaign to promote the Midea refrigerator and favorable prices, we have designed an advertising creative in the Rich Media format with the “erasing” mechanic. The message “Freezing of favorable prices” correlates with the topic of the product. The user had to “wipe” the foggy screen to see the lucrative offer.

Thanks to campaign optimization, we exceeded the target for impressions (actual value – 1,400,504) and attracted the target audience to the brand’s website (the number of sessions exceeded 20,000).

3. To highlight related interests that are relevant to a particular technique

Correct targeting is essential to attract your target audience. We use several targeting parameters in advertising campaigns: socio-demographic characteristics, interests, display geography, and others.

So, for example, during the promotion of the Garlyn juice extractor product, we set up targeting “household appliances” and related ones. Such as those directly related to the specifics of the product: food and drinks, cooking, baking, cooking low-calorie food, cooking gourmet food, healthy and low-calorie food.

As a result of the advertising campaign, we managed to achieve the required indicators: long time spent on the site, twice the average for mobile advertising, low bounce rate, and coverage of more than 220 thousand users.

4. To separate creatives for better personalization

Suppose we aim to promote multiple products during an ad campaign. In that case, the correct tactic is to separate ad creatives and target to offer a product relevant to a specific target audience.

With this fact in mind, we have developed an advertising campaign to promote Carrier air conditioners.

The campaign was divided into several stages and lasted for three months. For the first stage, we created a Rich Media ad creative and applied weather targeting following the current temperature of the region, and we showed an ad creative for warm and cold weather.

And at the second stage, we developed banners in the FullScreen format for each product separately: an air conditioner for home and office. And to reach the right target audience, we used targeting by the relevant interests of different audience segments: household appliances, construction work, repairing and real estate, and business, business research, business software.

Users saw ads over 1.7 million times.

Mobile advertising helps reach the target audience, increase brand and product awareness, attract users to the site, and complete other goals. It is only essential to approach the development of a creative correctly to consider the specifics of the product and the company. You can contact us!

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