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21 May 2024
#Internet marketing

How to grab users’ attention during the summer slowdown: 5 marketing tips

With the arrival of summer, many companies face the challenge of declining sales. This happens because people lose interest in making purchases during this time and shift their focus to other activities.

Such a shift in focus creates additional challenges for businesses: if the marketing department does not take action, the summer season will be unprofitable.

Below, we will discuss 5 ways that can help businesses remain competitive and achieve maximum visibility during summer slowdown.

Active presence on social media platforms

According to the Digital 2024 April Global Statshot, users worldwide spend over 2 hours a day on social media. During this time, they consume a considerable amount of information, especially in the summer when they are more relaxed.

As noted by Forbes, agencies should take this into account and reallocate budgets from traditional channels to social media campaigns.

Maintaining activity on social media can be achieved through various methods, and one of them is by sharing engaging content. This could include useful tips, interesting articles, as well as news and current events.

Additionally, it’s important to foster interaction with customers through comments, polls, and contests. Collaborating with influencers whose audience aligns with your target demographic also plays a significant role in strengthening connections with your audience and capturing their attention to your brand.

Email marketing

Summer is a time when customers are more open to communication and receiving information. Therefore, using email and notifications during this period will not only attract attention to your brand but also help establish long-term relationships.

Send personalized messages to your customers with information about new arrivals, special offers, discounts, and relevant updates. Using customers’ names in email texts is the most common strategy marketers use to personalize their marketing emails.

Utilize data about their previous purchases and preferences to make offers more relevant and appealing. And as recommended by experts, send emails between 9 am and noon, as this is when emails achieve the highest engagement level.

SEO optimization

According to Forbes Adviser, organic results account for 45.1% of clicks in desktop search engines, highlighting a high level of trust from users.

To stand out in search results and attract more customers during the summer season, it’s important to update your website with new content and keywords that match audience queries.

google search click through rates (desktop)

Considering that mobile devices have become the primary means of internet access for many users, with 58% of searches conducted on them, it’s crucial to fully optimize your site for mobile devices.

This means your website should load quickly, have easy navigation, and a simple checkout process to meet user needs and boost conversion.

Seasonal offer focus

An effective strategy to combat seasonal downturn involves focusing on seasonal offerings.

Understanding changes brought about by the time of year and consumer preferences helps businesses successfully adapt to fluctuations in demand. For example, holidays and weather significantly influence interest in specific products and services.

Tip: Focus on current audience needs and highlight products or services that may interest them the most.

Seasonal Offer Focus
Find out more about how seasonal marketing can boost sales here.

Attention can be attracted in various ways, including hosting offline events or utilizing advertising in mobile applications.

Mobile advertising

Today, the share of mobile traffic worldwide exceeds that of desktop traffic. This indicates that users increasingly prefer mobile devices for internet access.

share of web traffic by device 2024

During the summer season, while people may take a temporary break from work and desktop computers, their phones remain with them. Therefore, the priority becomes creating an effective strategy for mobile channels.

Specifically, launching advertising campaigns tailored to mobile devices can be one of the most effective methods to overcome seasonal downturns.

mobile advertising cases 2024

Moreover, advertising within mobile apps offers unique advantages, such as precise targeting and the ability to use interactive formats, which helps capture the attention of potential customers and increase their engagement levels.

By the way, BYYD platform has been promoting brands within mobile applications for 9 years already.

We apply cutting-edge targeting methods and make the most efficient use of data available through our integrations. Thanks to these tools, your in-app campaign will achieve maximum results.

How to grab users' attention during the summer slowdown

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