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23 October 2023
#Mobile advertising

How to advertise men’s health products in mobile apps

Gender marketing remains relevant today. Almost all brands aim to develop strategies tailored to the needs of different genders. This is especially noticeable in pharmacology, where men’s health products are promoted.

Let’s take a closer look at how in-app advertising promotes men’s health products and evaluate how effective this method is.

What is mobile programmatic and why is it popular?

Programmatic advertising is becoming more popular every year. According to the Programmatic Advertising Global Market Report 2023, the programmatic market has grown from $7.31 billion in 2022 to $8.87 billion in 2023.

global programmatic advertising market

Recall that mobile programmatic involves the automatic purchase of advertising in mobile apps. This is possible thanks to targeting capabilities, artificial intelligence, and digital optimization.

ad exchange
Read this guide to learn more about the programmatic ecosystem and understand how to effectively advertise men’s health products in mobile apps.

Promoting products in the pharmaceutical segment

The pharmaceutical industry has its unique characteristics that significantly impact product promotion strategies. Advertising pharma products often depends on seasonality, location, and consumer gender. For instance, people living in areas with high allergen levels are likely more interested in allergy medications. Meanwhile, the female audience may show a greater interest in products for children.

Therefore, precise targeting is pivotal for a successful advertising campaign. The success of the entire endeavor may hinge on how accurately targeting parameters are set.

When promoting pharmaceutical brands on the BYYD platform, we always pay special attention to targeting. Our capabilities enable brands to precisely identify and attract the target audience that best matches their needs and goals. Learn more from the article: PHARMA COMPANIES AND PROGRAMMATIC: OPPORTUNITIES OF MOBILE ADVERTISING

verona case study

Branding also plays a crucial role in the promotion of pharmaceutical products. In this context, it’s important for advertising texts to be both informative and easy to understand. However, the design should be visually appealing to grab the attention of customers and users.

We applied these principles when developing materials for promoting the Tiyokas brand within mobile apps. To see all the in-app examples, please check out the case studies section.

Mobile Advertising for Men’s Health Products

Let’s get back to the topic of mobile advertising for men’s health products. Men’s health is a really important topic today. And in this context, we recommend paying close attention to two key aspects: targeting and advertising formats. Let’s explain why.

  • Targeting

To run an effective advertising campaign, it’s crucial to accurately identify your target audience. For instance, if your product is designed for men over the age of 50, your advertising should primarily focus on reaching them.

Furthermore, consider that different age groups may have varying interests. For example, some men might be active users of dating apps, while others may have interests in sports and automobiles.

targeting and men's apps

At BYYD, we offer advertisers a wide range of relevant interests, including family values, transportation, finance, career growth, and more, making it easier to align your advertising with your audience’s interests.

For example, in this case, the correct selection of socio-demographic parameters and relevant interests helped us achieve a CTR of 2.4%.

health products in mobile apps

  • Advertising formats

Advertising formats also play a significant role. Many factors can influence their selection, such as audience characteristics or the advertiser’s specific preferences.

The key point is this: formats must be relevant to the user, grab their attention and gently encourage them to take an action.

Our platform offers advertisers the following formats:

  • Rich Media banner
  • Fullscreen banner
  • Video
  • Interactive video

By the way, we provide advertising images as an additional bonus to your mobile campaign. Also as a bonus, we create landing pages.

Case Study: promoting a men’s health products in mobile apps

As an example of a successful mobile promotion, let’s delve into a promotional case for the brand Longidaza.

Our main goal was to promote the drug “Longidaza” among the target audience through mobile apps and attract this audience to the brand’s website.

To achieve this goal, we selected a male audience over the age of 45. We divided them by interests as follows:

  • Medical indications and symptoms: men’s health, incontinence, sexual health, retirement age, elderly health, depression, chronic pain, chronic fatigue syndrome.
  • At-risk areas: mushroom picking, contact with the wilderness, active outdoor recreation, hiking, hunting, fishing, including fly fishing, fishing in freshwater and saltwater bodies, gardening, and landscape design.

Specifically for the campaign, our team created 3 Rich Media banners: Longidaza-1, Longidaza-2, Longidaza-3

Throughout the advertising campaign, we daily optimized its results by analyzing statistics on the BYYD platform. We examined incoming traffic and selected apps for advertising placement based on user behavior.

Platforms where users showed insufficient interest were added to the Blacklist. This allowed us to attract the most interested audience to the website.

We ran three stages of the campaign, and in each of them we managed to achieve 100% of the predicted impressions. By reaching the most interested user groups, we exceeded our clicks target by 4% within the established budget.

The average CTR reached 2.6%.

For illustration, let’s provide a list of apps where you can advertise men’s health products:

Real estate

  • Real Estate
  • Homegate – Real estate
  • FincaRaiz – real estate
  • Real Estate
  • Dubizzle IOS
  • Dubizzle Android
  • Planner 5D: Interior Desig?n
  • Trade Me Property
  • Android
  • IOS
  • Daft – Property Search
  • HAR Texas Real Estate
  • – Property
  • Homegate Swiss real estate

Money & Finance

  • CoinGecko: Live Crypto Prices
  • Bitcoin Cash Giveaway
  • Bitcoin Dialer – Vyng
  • Chingari – Watch & Earn Crypto
  • Bitcoin Cloud Mining & Ad Earn
  • TTcoin Network – Crypto Mining
  • Investing: Crypto Data & News
  • PipeFlare – Crypto Faucet (Off
  • Bitcoin Ticker Widget
  • Crypto News King
  • Cryptocurrency

Sports & Exercise Apps

  • Lucky Habit: health tracker
  • Guide Huawei Health Sync
  • Health and Fitness tracker
  • Yoga
  • Face Yoga
  • MyFitnessPal: Calorie Counter 
  • WalkingJoy
  • Lucky Step-Walking Tracker
  • Step Counter – Pedometer
  • Health & Fitness Tracker
  • Flat Stomach Workout – Fitness
  • HIIT & Tabata: Fitness App
  • Gym Workout My Fitness Planner
  • Heart Monitor & Pulse Checker
  • Mo Steps – Pedometer
  • Step Counter : Pedometer Run
  • Lucky Step-Walking Tracker
  • StepsApp Pedometer
  • Timer Stopwatch App – With Sou
  • Fitvate – Gym & Home Workout
  • Gym Fitness & Workout Trainer
  • Blood Pressure: Heart Health
  • Health & Fitness Tracker

In conclusion, programmatic advertising is an effective tool for promoting such an important part of the pharmaceutical industry as men’s health products. If you want to start a mobile advertising campaign, turn to the BYYD platform.

We will help you improve your brand image and attract the attention of your audience.

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