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23 May 2023
#Mobile advertising

Programmatic market of Kazakhstan – growth opportunities in 2023

Among all the CIS countries, digital professionals especially distinguish the digital market in Kazakhstan. It is developing rapidly and offers many opportunities for advertisers.

Statista platform has published the results of research about the digital market in Kazakhstan.

Here are the main results of the study.

• In 2023, spending on advertising within the digital marketplace will exceed US $ 489,20 million

The global digital advertising market is rapidly growing and developing. Already in 2023, spending on digital promotion will increase greatly.

essential digital headlines

The trend towards digitalization has also influenced the ways of promotion in Kazakhstan – now it relies on digital placement.

Kazakhstan spending by segment
ad-spending by segment

Data Reportal research shows: 186,000 new Internet users came in last year, and that number keeps growing.

The volume of the banner advertising market is the largest. The expected figure for 2023 is US $ 181.00 million.

Banner advertising continues to be one of the most popular formats for placement. Video promotion is also relevant.

The BYYD platform offers advertisers a variety of placement methods, including banner and video formats. Our categories of banners include classic and premium options. One of the most popular on the CIS market and also around the world is the dynamic Rich Media. - rich media by byyd
rich media for the MECHTA.KZ brand

At BYYD, there is a choice between non-rewarded and rewarded video.

  • Non – Rewarded video – the video shows the audience as a standard advertisement.
  • Rewarded video – the video shows to the user and it gets rewarded for watching.

vertical and horizontal ads
BYYD allows vertical and horizontal placement of advertising creatives.

Check out the ad campaigns in which we used Rich Media and Video creatives.

The average mobile banner ad spend per user will be US $10.50 in 2023.

The average spending rate shows the growth opportunities of mobile promotion. Advertisers shouldn’t ignore good metrics and invest in digital campaigns already now. By comparison, in the United Kingdom the price per user’s attention is US $ 117.20, and the United States – US $ 200.90.

in-app ad-spending in Kazakhstan
ad-spending in-app

If your goal is increasing brand awareness, attracting new audiences and strengthening your company’s position in the market, then it’s time to start mobile programmatic advertising based on the BYYD platform.

Sign up for the platform and get results from your campaigns now.

By 2027, 47.9% of total ad spend within the digital marketplace in Kazakhstan will be generated through mobile.

According to DataReportal research – users spend more than 6 hours a day with their smartphones. It’s not only search engines, but also various apps: gaming, household, widgets.

Note that the growth of mobile format is related to its convenience, mobility and availability to people.

ad spending mobile
ad spending mobile

By using this information correctly, it is possible to turn potential users into a target audience, customers and brand advocates.

76.9% of digital advertising income in 2027 will be generated by programmatic placements.

More companies use programmatic advertising. That’s because the world is transitioning into a digital reality and businesses must adapt to the new conditions in order to grow.

programmatic growth in Kazakhstan
ad spending growth programmatic

The possibilities of the BYYD platform allows advertisers to find the right users and show them ads automatically.

Thanks to the wide range of targeting, our experts set up a campaign so the ads are shown only to specific people.

targeting tools

SAMSUNG, DYSON and other brands in Kazakhstan have already trusted their promotion to our programmatic platform.

case dyson by byyd

Want to start a mobile ad campaign and increase brand awareness too?

Sign up for our platform now, contact the local team numbers at the bottom of the site or email

For consultations and cooperation You can also contact:

  • by phone +1 (929) 999-5737;
  • or through the form on the site.
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