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6 February 2023
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With this type of targeting, you can show ads to migrants in any country. It uses a combination of location and the language of the user’s device.

Why is language targeting important?

The key customers of device language targeting have been and remain money transfer systems, which previously targeted mainly labor migrants who came to the Russian Federation from neighboring countries to work and regularly send money to their homeland. In 2022, the situation has changed, a new significant segment of money transfers by Russians to the CIS countries, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, and China was formed. The target audience has expanded, major financial players modernize existing products and introduce new products to the market.

Targeting by device language allows you to show ads for money transfer services to Russians who live in countries such as Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, China, Azerbaijan, Georgia, etc. where Russian language is not used by citizens in communication and on smartphones.

For example, in September only, 4.5 times more money was sent to Georgia from the Russian Federation than a year earlier ($174 million or 45% of all transfers to Georgia). Source: Frank Media.

Strong demand for language targeting is also recorded in the real estate segment from foreign investors. The reason is simple: the demand from the citizens of the Russian Federation. Thus, every fifth buyer of a property sold in Turkey in 2022 was a Russian citizen. Source – Kommersant.

According to Intermark Real Estate statistics, starting from February 2022, Turkey (23% of purchases), the United Arab Emirates (17%), Thailand (16%), followed by Georgia and Kazakhstan became the main countries for real estate purchasing by Russian citizens. Source – Kommersant. Investors in these countries are very interested in targeting Russian citizens.

How does it work?

There is a bid request fragment below which is from a traffic provider (SSP), which includes information about the device. As is seen, in addition to all the data about the smartphone itself, there is information about the country and language of the device.

How are possible problems solved?

The device language will not help in solving the problem of targeting migrants from the Russian Federation, for example in Kazakhstan, where a huge number of citizens use Russian as the device language. At the same time, according to the statistics of transfers to Kazakhstan, Russia now ranks first among all countries. In September, its share was 51% and in terms of the number of transactions it was 63.5%. In September, 103 thousand transfers were made from Russia to Kazakhstan in the amount of 36 billion tenge (4.8 billion rubles). Compared to 2021, the indicators increased 4 times in number and ten times in amount. Source – BankiRu.

The BYYD team solves the problem of targeting this audience in a different way which is targeting by Device ID, previously used in the territory of the Russian Federation, but now located in the location that is necessary for the client. For further details about this mechanic please contact:

For all questions about targeting by device language within the BYYD programmatic platform, please contact the local team numbers at the bottom of the site, email or your supervisor.

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