Rate on 3 criteria below:

1. Target audience

InMobi, citing data from Emarketer, notes that about 90% of the entire mobile audience is in applications.

2. Advertising formats

There are formats that are relevant for both mobile sites and applications: native ads, videos, banners. But they perceive in completely different ways. For example, the mobile format FullScreen banners and Rich Media provide 100% visibility.

In addition, mobile apps have their own ad formats, such as rewarded videos, ads with augmented reality features.

3. Expected user behavior

Evaluate where the audience will be more receptive to the advertisements, how the ads will be displayed. Moreover ad blockers in browsers cannot be bypassed, and their absence in mobile applications.

Source: InMobi

BYYD advertises on mobile apps. If your goal is to increase brand or product awareness, this is a good choice. Applications have a huge audience, it is easier to segment users by interests, socio-demographic characteristics and achieve the desired results.