On the 1st of March Google presented new tools for mobile games developers on GDC 2017. New tools will attract| involve more users and stimulate gamers to make more in-app purchases. It will also help to track user activity.

Interactive demo-version

The most appealing and important innovation| novation – advertising in the form of interactive demo-version of game, so-called – “playables”. User can test an app in ad banner without installing it on his/ her device. It’s a good way to engage consumer without any additional actions. This format is accessible “universal campaigns for apps” tab.

By means of  it an advertising can be distributed through all of Google networks| channels, including Google Display Network, AdMob, YouTube, Google Search и Google Play.

It will be launched in a few months.

Screen adaptation

One more innovation allows adapting banners on screen resolution. It allows to show more attractive parts of horizontal advertising in vertical position. According to the results of Google research this type of advertising interaction provides 20% more clicks than horizontal advertising in vertical position.

In-game prizes

Prizes for watching video – a fairly common example. Now this type of advertising can be distributed by means of AdMob. It will be also accessible in “universal campaigns for apps” tab and developers are due to use experience of others.


Good news for developers! Analytics is easier now for those who work on C++ and Unity. Firebase functional allows to track users’ interaction with games and collect data, such as amount of passed levels and time spent in game.

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