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Advertising campaign
Purina ONE
• Promotion of Purina One pet food.
• Maximum reach and user engagement.
• Attracting an audience to the brand's website.
• Video clip lasting 10 seconds
• Optimization by site, SSP


To reach the target audience, we suggested several relevant interests: Cats, Pets, Veterinary medicine. At the start of the campaign, applications with the topic News and Politics were excluded.

The optimization of the advertising campaign was carried out according to the statistics of the BYYD platform. The Blacklist included applications in which there was a low user interest in the advertising offer.


The volume of impressions for the campaign has been fully fulfilled.

Plan – 2,000,000, Actual – 2,109,263
Through optimization, achieve 5% overfulfillment of impressions within the agreed budget.

100% video inspections:
Plan – 1 400 000, Actual – 1 973 042
The number of 100% inspections was 93.54% of the total amount of video impressions.

Plan – 40,000, Fact – 41,062
Reaching the most interested audience made it possible to exceed the volume of clicks by 3%
Thus, the video was shown to the most relevant audience and aroused high interest among users.

CTR - 1,95%
Device manufacturers (top 5)
Screenshots of placements
Advertising campaign
Advertising campaign

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