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Advertising campaign
• Increased brand loyalty
• Attracting target audience to the site
• Encouraging users to buy
• Fullscreen
• Optimization by site
• Socio-demographic targeting, relevant interests, and application categories


To reach the target audience, in addition to geo and social targeting, we used segmentation by relevant interests, such as: Business, Real Estate / Apartments, Sale / Purchase of Homes, Money, Investments, Personal Finance, Financial Planning, Travel, Frequent Flyers, etc.

The clicking users were led to the client's website, where they could get acquainted with the product in more detail.


Throughout the entire advertising campaign, optimization was carried out on a regular basis by CTR and placement sites. We selected sites that showed excellent CTR and behavioral indicators on the site.


As a result of the advertising campaign, the following indicators were obtained:

Shows: Plan – 500,000, Fact – 503,038
Clicks: Plan – 7,500, Fact – 7,646
Overfulfillment by 2%
Reach – 226 190 users
CTR: 1.52%

Shows: Plan – 500,000, Fact – 515,975
Clicks: Plan – 7,500, Fact – 8,578
Overfulfillment by 14%
Reach – 229 702 users
CTR: 1.66%

Shows: Plan – 500,000, Fact – 501,843
Clicks: Plan – 7,500, Fact – 9,048
Overfulfillment by 21%
Coverage – 230,046 users
CTR: 1.80%

Thanks to the measures and tools used, we managed to overfulfill all KPIs and get a high percentage of conversion of clicks to sessions for all campaigns.

CTR - 1,80%
Device manufacturers (top 5)
Screenshots of placements
Advertising campaign
Advertising campaign

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