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11 June 2024
#Mobile advertising

How In-App Advertising Drives Website Conversions: Insights from Adjust Experts

In the world of mobile marketing, in-app advertising holds a significant place. It provides app developers with a source of revenue and gives brands an opportunity to draw attention to their products.

Moreover, research by GoodFirms states that in-app advertising not only enhances brand awareness among mobile audiences but also actively stimulates website conversions for the brand.

How does this work and what drives it? Here’s Adjust’s expert opinion.

Extensive Targeting Capabilities

In recent years, the capabilities of artificial intelligence have greatly increased. Neural networks now handle a significant portion of content creation. They can create content from scratch or partially assist marketing professionals. Either way, the fact remains that content creation is now easier.

Additionally, the advancement of artificial intelligence helps to fine-tune advertising campaigns more precisely and reach the target audience effectively. This tool proves particularly efficient in the mobile sphere, where users spend most of their time. Knowing who and where the users are becomes a key success factor for any product’s advertising campaign.

The combination of these factors leads to higher click-through rates and overall improved behavioral metrics, resulting in increased conversions.

What is targeting?
Discover more about targeted advertising and its potential on the BYYD platform in this material.

Diverse Advertising Formats

As is well known, mobile advertising offers a wide range of formats. Advertisers have access to a variety of options including static banners, Rich Media banners, and various types of video ads. This diversity prevents users from becoming bored with ads and encourages them to engage with the content, which facilitates the completion of target actions.

Diverse Advertising Formats

Brands often try to combine different ad placements within their image campaigns.

However, the most common format is banners: they are seen by 86.7% of users, providing a quick and visual way to capture attention. According to Statista, this format is especially popular in mobile advertising.

banner advertising mobile global 2023

Another popular method is video advertising, particularly the rewarded video format.

According to data from Adjust, 29.5% of users are more likely to watch a rewarded video to the end compared to a regular video ad, as they want to receive in-app bonuses.

Interestingly, 56.5% of users download apps through in-app advertising, and 42.6% make purchases afterward. These statistics confirm the effectiveness and conversion potential of mobile advertising.

video advertising mobile global 2024

Features of Brandformance Marketing

Previously, advertisers followed two strategies: brand or performance. One approach focuses on brand awareness and image, while the other aims at increasing target actions. However, combining both strategies yields more stable results.

Brandformance Marketing Goals

This is exactly what mobile advertising does. Its approach influences the user’s perception of the brand while providing advertisers with specific performance metrics.

However, it’s important to understand that mobile advertising is not just a performance channel. Its effectiveness needs to be monitored during and after campaigns. For this, post-view analytics is the best tool.

Features of Brandformance Marketing

So, we have found that:

  • Firstly, in-app advertising actively stimulates website conversions thanks to its wide range of targeting capabilities.
  • Secondly, the diversity of ad formats, such as banners and video ads, increases user engagement and encourages target actions.
  • Thirdly, using mobile advertising as a brandformance marketing tool allows advertisers to achieve both brand awareness and increased conversions.

If your brand needs conversions and brand awareness, contact our platform. BYYD – a global leader in mobile advertising. Check out our case studies and get in touch to start your mobile campaign today.

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