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11 December 2023
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Holiday shopping season: insights, strategies, and marketing tips

The holiday shopping season is in full swing. So here we’ve gathered valuable tips and the latest statistics from Criteo, NRF and  Digital Turbine to help you successfully plan your holiday campaigns.

This article will assist you in identifying significant patterns in consumer behavior and comprehending how these shifts can aid you in captivating your target audience’s attention throughout the holiday season.

Shoppers are using AI as a search tool

More than 80% of consumers acknowledge the usefulness and effectiveness of artificial intelligence in shopping. Among them, 41% prefer using AI to discover the best prices on products, while 32% opt to utilize it for creating gift lists.

These statistics underscore the increasing consumer trust in advanced technologies. The advancements in generative, voice, and language AI warrant special attention this year.

Emphasizing the impact of neural networks in generating personalized recommendations is crucial as it greatly affects customer retention and engagement. It seems that in 2024, digital professionals will extensively leverage this capability in their work.

the usefulness of AI during the holiday shopping season

Online views influence in-store purchases during the holiday shopping season

Nearly one in five shoppers prefer to buy gifts at the last minute by visiting physical stores. However, data from Criteo’s research shows that online shopping has a significant impact on their purchasing decisions. For instance, a week before Christmas, 20% of shoppers compare prices online before heading to the stores.

Moreover, an increasing number of individuals prefer making online purchases with subsequent in-store pickups. In comparison to the previous year, the percentage of such customers surged by 9% in the third quarter of 2023.

This vividly underscores the impact of the mobile sphere on an individual’s purchasing decisions. And guess what else influences it? Advertising within mobile apps!

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how online views influence in-store purchases

Attracting new audiences is just as important as engaging with existing ones

Solely focusing on retaining the current customer base during the holiday shopping season may not be the best strategy. Keep in mind, there are substantial opportunities to attract new customers even after Black Friday.

Online sales growth 2023
Consumer spending online during Black Friday 2023

This is because many potential buyers interested in products or services might delay their purchases, anticipating more favorable offers or other upcoming marketing campaigns.

In such situations, it’s advisable to prioritize product categories that exhibited significant demand during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. A thorough analysis of these categories will help fine-tune marketing strategies accordingly.

For instance, according to data from the National Retail Federation in 2023, the most popular items were:

  • Clothing and accessories (49%);
  • Toys (31%);
  • Gift cards (25%);
  • Books and other media (23%);
  • Personal care and beauty products (23%).

70% of individuals who shop on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve engage in playing mobile games

Many people believe that mobile games are exclusively for a niche audience. However, this is not the case.

Close to 70% of holiday season shoppers engage in playing mobile games on their smartphones. Notably, a significant proportion of these players are parents, presenting substantial purchasing potential as they shop not only for themselves but also for their children.

It’s essential to highlight that holiday shoppers who are involved in gaming tend to make more substantial purchases. They exhibit a 30% higher likelihood of buying expensive items such as cars or electronics.

This is an intriguing aspect to contemplate, especially considering the general rise in users’ spending on gifts. As per the National Retail Federation, holiday expenditures are anticipated to reach unprecedented levels during November and December.

Historical holiday sales and forecast for 2023


The data emphasizes a significant increase in brand loyalty during the holiday shopping season, largely attributed to the widespread use of various search tools, such as AI and mobile advertising.

Success relies on careful planning of your advertising budget, focusing on primary channels while complementing them with supplementary ones. Offering attractive deals in advance has the potential to attract new customers and boost sales.

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