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19 June 2023
#Internet marketing

iOS 17, Vision Pro and other Apple innovations from WWDC 2023

Apple held its annual Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday, June 5. The company presented iOS 17, watchOS 10 and talked about the key updates of other devices. The star of the WWDC 2023 event was the Apple Vision Pro virtual and augmented reality headset.

Here we share a set of interesting features of the major new products. We also explain how Apple technology will affect the programmatic market in the future.

iOS 17

There are interesting updates in iOS 17.

iOS 17 preview

If iOS 16 had an important feature – the ability to display widgets of other apps. The new version iOS 17 also includes support for interactive widgets.

By the way, Live Voicemail transforms voice messages from an answering machine into text. And iMessage helps to decode voice messages.

iOS 17 also introduces a new horizontal standby mode. It allows the smartphone to be used as a bedside clock. When the device is placed on a magnetic stand, it shows the time, calendar entries, progress, and other information.

MacBook Air 15

A 15.3-inch MacBook Air laptop opened the WWDC 2023 presentation.

It is only 11.5 mm thick and weighs – 1.5 kg. Such a small size makes MacBook Air the thinnest device in the entire Apple line.

MacBook Air 15 design

The working time of the MacBook Air – 18 hours. Also, the developers built into it a camera with 1080p video resolution and six speakers with noise-canceling system.

M2 Ultra

Over the past years, Apple moved macOS devices from Intel processors to a self-developed SoC processor. At first, it was the M1, and then variations of the M2.

Note that the chip M2 Ultra became the most powerful in the line of Apple products at the moment.

M2 Ultra chip

WatchOS 10

Every year smart watches contain more and more smartphone functions.

So, the anniversary version of watchOS 10 pleased with new watch faces, audio and video playback of FaceTime messages and offline maps.

WatchOS 10 functions

It also adds the ability to track workouts and mental health. Note that the Apple company guarantees the confidentiality of this data. Information is stored on the device and encrypted, while the Apple Watch is password protected.

Data is not transferred without the user’s consent.

mental health and workout tracker

MacOs Sonoma

Desktop MacOs Sonoma has improved object recognition and visual search on the Web. Now the system scans not only people, but also animals. Besides, it’s possible to find an object while the video is paused.

MacOs Sonoma also allows using voice dictation and the keyboard at the same time.

game mode by apple - stray

By the way, MacOS Sonoma introduces the Game Mode. It gives the game access to CPU and GPU resources in priority order. And also reduces latency for connecting AirPods, Xbox controllers, and PlayStation controllers.

According to Apple, game mode is compatible with all games. Hideo Kojima, the iconic developer, confirmed this. At the presentation, he announced the release of Death Stranding on macOS.

Vision Pro

The Vision Pro mixed reality headset – one of the most anticipated devices of WWDC 2023. Incidentally, the history of this product starts around 2015.

The user will be inside a whole 3D interface. It is controlled intuitively: by eyes, hands, and voice.

Vision Pro - EyeSight

VisionOS is designed for device interaction with digital content. Positive feedback from specialized media and techno bloggers has already appeared online.

In addition, 5 sensors and 12 cameras are integrated in the Vision Pro. This guarantees a wide coverage of the surroundings and the most realistic picture ever.

The built-in Audio Pods headphones support spatial sound. In other words, the user hears what is going on around him.

chips in Vision Pro

Furthermore, the developers are going to implement a special game mode. The release of a large amount of 3D content from different studios and publishers is also part of their plan.

So, spatial computing will create new types of games with different levels of immersion. And the existing Apple Arcade variants will become more impressive.

And this is important news for the programmatic market.

The impact of apple technology on the programmatic market

Certainly, the growth of Apple’s digital technology will transform content. Advertisers need to be neutral about this process and take advantage of it.

• Firstly, the development of mixed reality will push developers to create a new format of apps. It will open up the range of possibilities for dynamic advertising creatives. Perhaps the ads in the 3D interface would attract the attention of the user with different levels of immersion or realistic images.

immersion and realistic images

The trend of the programmatic market right now is the Rich Media format. The BYYD platform creates and promotes them.

There are a lot of mobile advertising campaign cases on our site. Check their results here.

rich media cases by byyd

To see examples of Rich media, click here.

•  Secondly, Apple’s privacy policy strictly follows the principles of collecting, storing and transferring information.

Of course, this affects the digital and programmatic market. However, the innovations are not critical to BYYD’s targeting parameters. We use a special approach to data handling.

For example, if the user doesn’t give permission to track by IDFA, the SKAdNetwork functionality in combination with the already collected DMP BYYD data is enough for complete targeting settings.

Thirdly, the possibility of smart watch ads is increasing. The device expands its capabilities and becomes a potential platform for advertising content.

Advertising in watchOS 10 – an option that our company is actively exploring. Quite possibly, the BYYD programmatic platform will offer Apple Watch ads in the future.


  • Devices from WWDC 2023 had a lot of new interesting possibilities. However, the Vision Pro mixed reality headset became the most important product. 
  • In addition, the new features of Apple devices can simplify user interaction with the interface. In the future, this will open up new opportunities for developers and advertisers.
  • Interactive and gaming formats attract more and more attention. This applies to the MacOs Sonoma desktop as well as iOS 17. It’s a time for advertisers to focus on the gaming audience and expand an ability to influence it.

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