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3 December 2021
#Mobile advertising

6 BYYD Case Studies on New Year’s Promotion and Sale

Promotions and discounts for buyers always accompany New Year’s Eve, and this is one of the main ways to attract their attention to the brand. At BYYD, we specialize in image ad campaigns and have helped brands raise awareness of their marketing activities before the New Year many times. This article contains six examples of how to promote New Year’s sales. Take notes!

1. Promotion of the New Year’s action in the shopping center Metropolis

Our goal was to promote the New Year’s campaign at the Moscow shopping center and encourage users to buy.

What did we do? We developed an interactive banner in the Rich Media format, set up targeting by interests, and launched advertising on the relevant apps. The targeting parameters included men and women between 22 and 40 interested in shopping, clothing, footwear, cosmetics, etc. In addition, we set up targeting for interests specific to people with a high income, such as money, real estate, business, and more. We also narrowed the geography of the advertising display to “catch” only the most interested users in a radius of 7 km around the Metropolis shopping center.

As a result of optimization, we managed to reach 120 thousand unique users, overfulfill the impression plan within the budget and achieve a high time on the site which is 1 minute and 7 seconds (on average, 30 seconds is typical for mobile advertising).

2. Promotion of discounts on New Year sets of Yves Rocher

Our tasks were to inform the target audience about discounts for New Year’s Yves Rocher cosmetics sets and attract users to the website.

To do this, our team, together with the DA!Skipper agency (who led the client) developed an interactive banner with game mechanics. The user had to be in time clicking on gifts within 10 seconds, and after, he could have seen discounts on sets in the brand’s stores. To achieve our goal, we selected a target audience as women 18-55 years old with interests in cosmetics, beauty, fashion, romance and dating, gifts, etc.

Our mobile managers have optimized the ad campaign to improve post-click metrics and achieve the set KPIs. Thanks to round-the-clock access to Google Analytics, it was possible to solve tasks and adjust the course of the campaign quickly.

We exceeded the impressions target within budget and achieved a high average session duration (1 minute and 26 seconds).

3. Announcement of the New Year’s sale at “Grand Mix”

In this advertising campaign, we had to announce the New Year sales of “Grand Mix” furniture shopping center and drive traffic to the site.

The campaign took place in two stages. At the first stage, we launched reach ads to gather an audience for the next retargeting, for which we developed Fullscreen banners and set up coverage for the target audience. We have combined several targeting parameters such as socio-demographic indicators, interests (home furniture, renovations, buying real estate, and users’ interests with an average income such as buying a car, business, etc.), and geo-targeting of South of Moscow and then expansion to the entire city.

The reach exceeded 498 000 unique users at the first stage, and impressions reached almost 1.2 million.

As a part of the second stage, we set up impressions for the audience gathered in the first part and used the interactive Rich Media format with a button to go to the site.

As a result of the second stage, it was possible to over fulfill the plan for impressions by 15% and reach the average time on the site at 1:22 minutes.

4. Promotion of New Year’s events in the Krasnodar shopping center Oz Mall

We had to inform the target audience about the Oz Mall’s New Year’s events (New Year’s fair, OZ Frost, master classes for children and adults, etc.).

What did we do? We identified two segments of the target audience: families with children and shoppers with relevant interests. We launched an advertising campaign in the format of the Fullscreen banner and set up geo-targeting to Krasnodar and the nearest cities and regional centers.

Also, our team has developed a promotional website adapted for mobile devices, which conveniently contains information about all events in the shopping center and the timing. We developed advertising creatives and landing pages as a bonus for the client.

During the advertising campaign, regular optimization was carried out based on Yandex.Metrics set on the promotional website and set up retargeting for the collected Device IDs to attract interested users.

It was possible to exceed the plan for impressions by 12%, achieve a high average session duration on the website (1:36 minutes), and exceed the CTR from the originally planned one.

5. Promotion of the New Year’s action in the shopping and entertainment center “Afimall City”

Our team was promoting the action named “A real New Year’s sensation!” in the Moscow shopping and entertainment center Afimall City. It was necessary to attract the target audience to participate and increase awareness of the action.

For this campaign, we have developed a grid of advertising creatives such as standard and fullscreen banners; and a mobile landing page informing about the rules and conditions of the action with video and the transition to downloading the mobile application.

To attract target users, we set up SuperGeo-targeting within a radius of 1 km from the Afimall City shopping and entertainment center.

As a result of optimization by placements and creatives, we managed to exceed the session plan by 9% and kept the main KPI as the average session duration (time spent on the site was 1:59 minutes).

6. Announcement of the winter sale in the shopping and entertainment center “Leto”

We increased the target audience’s awareness about the winter sale in the Leto shopping mall (Moscow) and encouraged users to visit the shopping center.

What did we do? We developed advertising creatives in the format of Fullscreen banners, set up targeting by socio-demographic indicators (men and women between 20-45 years old), interests (in the categories of fashion and style, shopping, entertainment, family, and parents), and geography. We targeted a 15 km radius around the Leto shopping mall and a 5 km radius around competing shopping centers.

As a result, we reached more than 290 thousand users and good behavioral indicators for Yandex.Metrica and GA exceeded the plan for impressions by 3%.

Do you want to attract your potential customers to the New Year’s Sale or make your promotion known to as many people as possible? Contact us!

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