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Advertising campaign
GRAND SOUTH Furniture Shopping Hall
• Announcing Christmas Sales
• Attracting target audience to the website
• Fullscreen Interstitials
• Rich Media Banners
• Socio-Demographic targetings together with the relevant interests
Moscow with intensification on Southern part of the city

1st Flight

This campaign’s goal was to reach as many relevant users as possible so we could collect the device IDs for retargeting during the second flight of the campaign, which is why we used Fullscreen interstitials. In order to get to the target audience we used socio-demographic targetings together with the relevant user interests such as furniture, buying houses and apartments, decorating, etc. We also chose the users that had certain level of income

2nd Flight

Getting to the the target audience during the second part of the campaign we used the Rich Media banners with a button which led to the website of the client


1st flight:
• Impressions
Plan – 1.142.381
Fact – 1.191.085
Overachieved the KPI by 6%
• Reach – more that 498.000 of unique users
• Average time on the website – 00:01:23
• Difference between clicks and sessions – 21%

2nd flight:
• Impressions
Plan – 150.000
Fact – 173.280
Overachieved the KPI by 15%v
• Average time on the website – 00:01:22
• Difference between clicks and sessions – 38%

CTR - 2.46
Device manufacturers (top 5)
Screenshots of placements
Advertising campaign
Advertising campaign

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