At BYYD, we run image advertising campaigns, reach, and drive traffic to the client’s website, and assess the quality of the target audience by evaluating post-click indicators.

Bounce rate

Bounce rate is the proportion of sessions per page (when users opened the page but did not interact with it). Average for mobile advertising is 40-50%. Our ad campaigns manage to achieve a bounce rate below average.

Average session duration

The average indicator for mobile advertising is from 30 sec. The time on the site differs depending on the settings of the landing page: responsiveness, absence of errors in the code, optimization of images, videos, and more.

Click / session discrepancies

This metric helps assess the loss of traffic that is inevitable in any ad campaign. The average indicator for mobile advertising is 40-50%, but in our advertising campaigns we try to achieve a discrepancy between clicks and sessions of no more than 30%.

There are many reasons for the discrepancy between clicks and sessions. These are both site parameters and setting up statistics counters. Some mobile applications have built-in browsers, when the client’s site, after clicking on the advertisement, opens immediately in the application. Technically, in this case, the application, not the user, accesses the site, and such sessions of the analytics system are defined as one request.

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