Targeting the audience according to the selected parameters is a basic element of setting up a high-quality advertising campaign. This allows you to display ads to users who are potentially interested in the brand / product / service, and thus achieve your goals. In this context, another technique is highlighted — targeting to “similar audiences”.

Lookalike audience — one that has similar characteristics to the original target audience. The characteristics of the lookalike group differ depending on the parameters of the original audience.

With the right approach, targeting a similar audience provides high results of an advertising campaign: clicks, conversions, and other KPIs set within the advertising campaign.

What’s the difference between retargeting and lookalike?

Retargeting is targeting an audience that has already interacted with an ad / site. You can select those who saw the ad, clicked on the ad. Lookalike audience is not one that was once interested in a brand or product. It includes users who may not even know the company, but they necessarily have similar characteristics to the existing group of target users.

Success with lookalike is a quality target audience. At BYYD, we use the accumulated data on audiences of different segments and thus form lookalike audiences to expand the reach of advertising campaigns.

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