1. Application users spend all their time on social media, so they cannot be reached in other categories

According to Digital 2021 statistics from Datareportal, a significant percentage is also accounted for by entertainment applications, games, and the financial category. You can reach a mobile audience in apps of different categories.

2. In-app advertising is ideal only for promoting other apps

The scripts have changed a long time ago. Because of their audience size and reach, mobile app ads are great for brand awareness campaigns and other uses.

3. Difficult to set up targeting due to the lack of cookies and user data

The opposite is true! Mobile apps allow clear targeting of the audience using a unique device code.

4. Ads in apps are hard to analyze

Mobile ad campaign results are as measurable and analytic as other channels. At BYYD, we use our own platform analytics, as well as analytical services in order to measure impressions, clicks, time on site and other indicators that allow us to evaluate the results of an advertising campaign.

5. Advertising is ineffective on small screens

There are many mobile ad formats. These are native ads, videos, Fullscreen banners, and Rich Media (interactive animated banners). Fullscreen banners visibility in mobile applications – 100%.

Based on materials: InMobi