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2 April 2021
#Mobile advertising

5 benefits of in-app advertising

1. Targeting without cookies

Considering the news about the refusal of browsers from supporting cookies, it is important to work with raw data. In mobile applications, user information is not associated with a cookie.

2. Tracking by Device ID

Each mobile device has a unique identification number. Device ID allows you to get an information of ​​the user’s actions in the application, and then personalize ads for him.

Despite potential tracking issues on iOS, Device ID still remains the source of user data, at least on Android devices.

3. Accurate geo targeting

You can configure the display of ads on those devices that are in the immediate vicinity of the advertiser’s store.

At BYYD, we use GPS devices, and this allows us to target users who are within a radius of 800 meters from the desired point, not only to individual cities or countries.

4. Lack of competition for user attention

The apps have good ad visibility and there is no direct competition between multiple ads on the user’s screen. If you use the FullScreen ad format, it will fill the entire screen and provide 100% visibility.

5. Ads in applications are not blocked

Unlike browsers, apps don’t have ad blockers. Often the only way to turn off ads is to buy a paid version of the app, but not all developers offer this either.

We at BYYD run ads on mobile apps. If you are interested in these benefits, we have a lot to discuss!

Based on blog posts in InMobi, The Drum.

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