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Advertising campaign
Philips One Blade
Promotion of information about the release of new models of Philips One Blade electric shavers on the eve of the New Year holidays and in January in the chain of stores «5 Element»
• Split from 2 Fullscreen banners
• Optimization by site, SSP
• Optimization according to Google Analytics data


To target the right target audience, we offered several interests:

• A family
• Present
• Shopping
• Appliances
• Electronics
• Fashion & Style
• The beauty
• Online shopping

The optimization of the advertising campaign was carried out according to the statistics of the BYYD platform and Google Analytics data. Applications were added to the blacklist, from which there was a low interest of users in the advertising banner and the study of information in the online store.


Plan – 500,000, Fact – 523,648
Due to optimization, it was possible to achieve an overfulfillment of impressions by 5%, within the agreed budget

Plan – 7 500, Fact – 8 839
Reaching the most interested audience made it possible to overfulfill the predicted volume of clicks by 17%

Behavioural indicators:
Reach – 266 192 users
Bounce rate – 24% (benchmark: 40-50%)
Time on the site – 1 min 40 sec. (benchmark – from 30 sec.)

CTR - 1,69%
Device manufacturers (top 5)
Screenshots of placements
Advertising campaign
Advertising campaign

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