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14 December 2023
#Mobile advertising

The Features of Video Interaction Format on the BYYD Platform

The video interaction format has increasingly become a pivotal component within brands’ marketing strategies, playing a crucial role in engaging audiences. Let’s delve deeper into this format, exploring its advantages and distinctive features.

What is the Video Interaction format?

Interactive video advertising is a unique synthesis of popular formats: Rich Media and video or Fullscreen and video.

The creation of such videos has become possible thanks to the BYYD platform, which is constantly researching and introducing new marketing tools.

But first let’s look at the features of Fullscreen banners, Rich Media banners and video format separately.

Video Interaction is
  • Fullscreen Format

Banner advertising is one of the most durable and widespread formats in the advertising world. It is guaranteed to provide a large audience reach with minimal user contact costs.

Our banner set includes 6 varieties of banners and 6 full-screen variants. It is this number of creatives that ensures significant audience reach.

You can check out  the successful case studies on our website.

Fullscreen Format
  • Rich Media Format

Rich Media refers to banners that utilize the following multimedia elements to convey information:

  • Animation
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Links

All of these components are used to capture the user’s attention. The primary goal of this format is to engage the user with the content and encourage interaction with the advertising creative.

Within this format, various mechanics exist. For instance, there’s the “wiping” mechanic, where users remove elements from the screen to access information. There’s also the “countdown” mechanic that prompts users to take action within a specific time frame.

Learn about all the features of the format and see examples of Rich Media banners on our website.

Rich Media Format
  • Video Format

Today, people watch more video content than ever before. According to the latest data, video accounts for almost 80% of all Internet traffic.

This growth in demand is easy to explain. The video format is versatile and has a powerful impact on audiences. In addition, video can not only convey information, but also evoke an emotional response from viewers.

When it comes to mobile advertising, the video format has a particular advantage. This is because mobile users prefer convenient and short forms of content.

Video Format

Features of the Video Interaction Format

Since interactive video advertising is a mixture of the two formats, it incorporates all their features and advantages.

For example, Video Interaction allows the user not only to watch the company’s video, but also to interact with the brand by engaging in the proposed interaction.

How is the Video Interaction format broadcast?

Let’s explain how interactive video ads are shown in mobile apps.

  • A user logs into a mobile app.
  • A video advertisement of the brand appears inside the app. 
  • After watching the video, the user sees a Rich Media banner or Fullscreen banner that can be interacted with.

How to evaluate the effectiveness of interactive video advertising

Advertisers will find it useful to know that interactive video advertising offers unique ways to track the effectiveness of promotion.

Since it combines a video format and an interactive banner, statistics are kept for both methods of advertising. This allows you to thoroughly analyze and evaluate each type of promotion.

Through our platform, Video Interaction allows you to track:

  • Shows
  • Clicks
  • CTR
  • VTR
  • Number of interactions

The mobile Video Interaction format serves various purposes effectively

Interactive video advertising within mobile apps serves a multitude of purposes effectively. As it falls under the category of media promotion methods, its objectives are well-aligned.

For those aiming to bolster brand awareness or enhance audience loyalty within the media landscape, interactive video advertising seamlessly fits.

It’s noteworthy that this format significantly improves both the quantity and quality of communication between users and the brand. This is attributed to the increased likelihood of user interaction with Rich Media or full-screen creatives after viewing video content.

Here is an example of the use of interactive video advertising

A campaign for the brand Big Mug was recently implemented on our platform. The main goal was to attract targeted traffic to the landing page and increase awareness of the company’s products.

To achieve these goals, we used socio-demographic targeting and relevant interests related to food products and family status. The chosen advertising format was Video Interaction, which included a Rich Media banner and video advertisement.

As a result of the campaign, we exceeded the impressions target by 11%, achieving 80,471 clicks. Additionally, we obtained a CTR of 1.48%.

The effectiveness of the conducted advertising campaign was confirmed by the Brand Lift research. The dynamics of increasing organic awareness were 28%.

an example of the use of interactive video advertising


Interactive video advertising offers significant advantages, particularly in a constantly evolving marketplace. It introduces new avenues for engaging with audiences. Additionally, it enables brands to adapt to the evolving demands and preferences of their target audience

By actively engaging with video content, companies not only gain better insights into the needs of their existing customers but also ensure continuous growth by attracting new audiences.

Want to try this format? Then turn to BYYD, the leading programmatic ad buying platform.

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