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17 October 2023
#Mobile advertising

Programmatic media buying: 3 rules for successful mobile advertising

Over 8 years of platform operation, the BYYD team has conducted more than 2000 thousand mobile advertising campaigns. Programmatic media buying is a field in which we have become experts, and at this point, we have significant experience in successful mobile promotion.

3 rules for successful in-app advertising

Today, we would like to share 3 rules for mobile marketing that will be beneficial for both digital marketing professionals and newcomers to the field.

3 key rules for successful mobile advertising:

  • Set precise targeting parameters.
  • Choose fitting ad formats for your goals.
  • Regularly optimize campaigns and analyze mobile promotion results.

Rule 1 – Select the right targeting parameters

The success of an advertising campaign largely hinges on accurately defining the target audience. Targeting, after all, allows ads to be shown exclusively to users who are most likely to be interested in your product or service.

BYYD programmatic platform understand this principle and employ a wide array of targeting options. This includes the ability to target users based on socio-demographic indicators, relevant interests, app categories, device types, mobile operators, and more.

targeting instruments

Rule 2 – Choose advertising formats that suit your promotional goals

Advertising campaigns can have various objectives, and it’s important to keep in mind who your target audience is and what goal you are pursuing.

For example, if you need to inform your audience about a promotion as part of a mobile campaign, fullscreen banners are a suitable format. However, if your goal is to drive users to a landing page, use interactive formats like video or Rich media.

Programmatic media buying – Tat brand

At BYYD, we approach this stage responsibly and help advertisers choose the promotion format during campaign discussions. Moreover, all images are crafted by experts from our Production department as an added bonus.

Check our case studies here.

Rule 3 – Regularly optimize your campaigns and carefully analyze the results of mobile promotion.

Once you’ve configured all the targeting parameters, the most exciting phase begins – launching your mobile campaign and embarking on programmatic media buying.

Programmatic media buying is the automated process of purchasing online advertising, in this case, within mobile applications.

To optimize mobile marketing effectively, it’s essential to first identify which metrics will be important. This involves adjusting your strategy and enhancing advertising materials based on data and performance indicators.

mobile campaign optimization

For instance, on the BYYD platform, we frequently focus on key indicators such as high click-to-session conversion rates, extended user session durations, and low bounce rates during the optimization process.

When it comes to analyzing results, it allows you to assess which aspects of the campaign are performing best and where we should concentrate our efforts to achieve our goals. We apply these practices in our work.

It’s worth noting that effectiveness of our data is validated by services like Weborama, Adriver, Gemius, MOAT, Sizmek, DCM, IAS, and DoubleVerify, reaffirming the quality of our approach.

Learn more about brand safety and campaign optimization from this article.

brand safety in mobile advertising

In conclusion

Programmatic advertising is a highly popular method for promoting products and services. The latest data indicates its continuous growth: it’s estimated that by 2026, businesses will spend a massive $725 billion on programmatic ads.

To give you some context: in 2020, this spending was at $329 billion, and by 2023, it had already reached $557 billion.

global programmatic advertising spending 2017-2026

If you’re thinking about starting a mobile advertising campaign or want to understand programmatic media buying better – feel free to contact us.  We’ll assist you in setting up your mobile promotion and help you achieve your goals.

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