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28 May 2021
#Internet marketing

What is brand awareness and why do we need to increase it?

Brand awareness measures how well people recognize a brand by name, logo, and other vendor. This indicator is not ephemeral, as it may seem at first.

How does increasing awareness affect sales?

  • It gives you a competitive edge. A recognizable brand in the long run needs to make less effort to attract the user’s attention.
  • It builds user confidence. A recognizable brand has authority and leadership positions.
  • It is to improve the efficiency of loyalty and customer retention. And, as you know, it is more profitable to retain customers than to attract new ones.

How to increase brand awareness?

One of the ways is to launch a mobile ad campaign, increase reach and increase brand awareness of the target audience. At BYYD, we develop ad creatives, set up an ad campaign to show the desired audience, select application categories, and optimize the process. The purchase of advertising spaces is carried out automatically – using programmatic advertising technology.

All advertising campaigns presented in the “Cases” section are aimed at increasing awareness. If you want to reach a mobile target audience, achieve high visibility, in order to increase brand awareness – write to us.

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