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Advertising campaign
OMEGA Mercedes-Benz EN
• Announcement of the special offers of October from “Mercedes Benz Omega” Salon
• Attracting new users to the website
• 3 sets of Fullscreen Interstitials
• Socio-demographic targetings, relevant interests
• Optimisation by the apps used, CTR
• Google Analytics and Yandex Metrica
Chelyabinsk city


In order to get to the target audience we used the relevant interests of two groups: AUTO and HIGH LEVEL INCOME


During the campaign we have been manually optimising it using the BYYD statistics together with the Google Analytics and Yandex Metrica. We were choosing the most effective apps with the highest indexes of the traffic quality.


Results of the AC “Energy of October”

Plan — 3 000
Fact — 3 309
Overfulfillent the clicks plan by: 10%

Number of sessions on the website — 2 440
Average session duration — 00:01:53
Bounce rate — 46,1%
Reach — 98 912

Results of the AC “Announcement of special offers on corporate park cars”

Plan — 4 000
Fact — 4 018

Behaviour indexes in Yandex Metrica:
Number of sessions on the website — 2 813
Average session duration — 00:01:46
Bounce rate — 43,7%
Reach — 90 893

CTR - 1.52%
Device manufacturers (top 5)
Operating system
Screenshots of placements
Advertising campaign
Advertising campaign

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