Case Du iPhone 11 – BYYD
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• iPhone 11 & iPhone 11 Pro sale launch announcement
• Raising awareness about advantages of the new iPhones


• Fullscreen Interstitials
• Rich Media banners
• Interests and socio-demographic targetings


• Male/female 20-50 y.o


With an eye to the target audience reaching we have targeted the users with b/c level of income by using the relevant interests: We had iPhone 11 and iPhone Pro creatives both in English and Arabic showing in relation to the device’s language and directing to the English or Arabian landing page respectively.

The campaign had two flights:

• First 20 days the Rich Media have been shown

• The next 9 days the Fullscreen Interstitials have been run.


1st flight (Rich Media):

• Clicks
Planned — 10 000
Actual — 10 737

2nd flight (Fullscreen Interstitials):

• Clicks
Planned — 150 000
Actual — 173 280

CTR2,08 %


Screenshots of placements

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