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21 May 2021
#Internet marketing

What is Brand Lift and why do this research?

Image campaigns are directed toward increasing brand or product awareness among the target. However, the effectiveness of such campaign is more difficult than a commercial advertisement. One way to measure the results of increasing brand awareness is to conduct a Brand Lift study.

What is Brand Lift?

Brand Lift is a research that is conducted through audience survey. It is probably known to those who are familiar with advertising on YouTube, Facebook. For example, launching this study will display questions on YouTube to help you know if your ad is remembered or not, and to gauge willingness to buy.

BYYD also offer the launch of this study. In the context of our platform, it helps to increase brand awareness among mobile audiences and increase ad awareness after an ad campaign.

How does it work for BYYD?

The audience is divided into those who have not seen the advertisement and those who have seen it (we set up this segment for retarget). Audience tracking is carried out by Device ID — a unique code of a mobile device.

Launching Brand Lift within our platform is a free research if the campaign is placed for a period of 1 month or more.

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