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Advertising campaign
Nitto Tires
• Promotion of Nitto tires within the target audience
• Attracting target audience to the website
Rich Media creatives
• Socio-Demographic targetings together with the relevant interests and app categories
• Manual campaign optimization using the platform data and Google Analytics
Russian Federation


In order to get the target audience, we used the socio demographic targeting and relevant interrests:

• Cars • Selling/Buying Cars • Driving • Luxury Auto • Car maintainance • Car insurance • spare parts • car culture • Sedans • SUVs • Сrossovers • Interests by income level (average, above-average)


BYYD Creative team has made 2 special Rich Media creatives with different tires models.

On the landing page, users could know about all the characteristics, choose the desired model and size, and go to the dealer's store. After the main campaign, a Brand Lift study was conducted - users of two groups (who saw and did not see advertising) were shown a banner asking if they were familiar with the Nitto brand. In the process of retargeting, users went to the page with the tires catalog, and new users - to the page "About the brand."


During the whole advertising campaign there was an ongoing daily optimization based on BYYD’s statistics and Google Analytics statistics.


With the help of the advertising campaign optimization we have reached further results:
• Bounce Rate – 40,21%
• Page Depth – 1,15
• Average time on the website – 1 minute 14 seconds
• Users saw the advertising about 2 million times
Rich-Media creative can be viewed at the link

Brand Lift
The study showed high loyalty to the brand and the significant impact of the main campaign on increasing knowledge among the target audience.
Among those who saw the banner during the main campaign (retargeting), the following results were obtained:

• answer “Yes” – 75% (1 023 clicks)
• answer “No” – 25% (348 clicks)

Among those who have not seen the banner before (new users), the statistics are as follows:
• answer “Yes” – 26% (362 clicks)
• answer “No” – 74% (1 011 clicks)
Brand Lift can be viewed at the link.

CTR - 2,09%
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Screenshots of placements
Advertising campaign

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