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Advertising campaign
The announcement of the release of a new product - the Tablet Lenovo Yoga Tab 2.
Promotion of information about the product in the territory of Russian Federation.
Multimedia banners, CPC buying, optimization on CTR.
Russian Federation

Selection of tools

To maximize the capture of the target audience, we used all the "arsenal" of tools. We used multimedia banners, the design of which was developed by our designers according to customer requirements. Such format is considered to be the most popular and let bring a lot of traffic in a short time, at the lowest cost.

Choosing the best option of traffic buying

In order to understand which option of traffic purchase is most effective, we tested both options. As a result, we chose CPM buying with focus on cliques optimization on CTR, which, in combination, give a greater number of transitions and a significant reduction in the cost of clicks in comparison with CPC.


As a result of the conducted campaign we managed to achieve impressive results.

The volume of purchase was increased by 37%.

Average CTR was 1.19%, compared with a planned – 0.8%.

CTR - 1.19%
Device manufacturers (top 5)
Operating system
Screenshots of placements
Advertising campaign

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