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• Promotion of online courses
• Raising awareness of offline courses
• Attracting targeted traffic to the school website


• Interactive RichMedia creatives
• Targeting by socio-demographic characteristics and interests
• Google Ads


Russian cities with a population over one million



Socio-demographic parameters: men and women in the 18-55 age group.

Interest groups:

Youth: Learning foreign languages, English as a second language, Self-improvement, Adult education, Travel, etc.

Teens: Teens, Education, Language Learning, Graduation, College Life, etc.

Parents: Family and parents, Children, Parents of preschoolers, Parents of teenagers, Education, etc.


Advertising placement was carried out on a flight basis, for each flight, depending on the purpose of the AC, a separate creative was implemented:

1 flight - To promote online courses, a game creative was developed in the format of a short test, where the user was asked to choose the correct answer (link to the creative)

2 flight - To increase awareness of offline courses, we prepared an interactive creative, where the user could choose his age category and find out the course program, as well as pave the route directly from the banner to the nearest ILS language studio (link to the creative)

3 flight - We announced a promotional offer using game mechanics, where the user is invited to catch discounts in the branded portfolio of the ILS school (link to the creative)


As a result of the advertising campaign, the following indicators were obtained:

Average session duration:

1 flight65 sec.

2 flight115 sec.

3 flight129 sec.

Bounce rate:

1 flight45,20%

2 flight37,10%

3 flight32,70%

Cumulative coverage – 606 422 target users



Screenshots of placements

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