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Advertising campaign
The announcement of special offers on BMW cars of series 3, 5 and X3 in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Attracting potential customers
Banner advertising. Postback-optimization. Optimization on sources of conversion
Moscow and St. Petersburg

Selection of tools

To implement the campaign, we decided to use banner ads with targeting on interests, postback-optimization for user engagement on the website, and also optimization on sources of conversion. For GEO-targeting we have chosen Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Preparation of materials

Our designers have developed the landing, according to the specification of the client, for announcement of special offers on BMW cars. Postback plugin was installed on target actions "to Call", "Contacts", "Leasing", and also doings in Google Analytics were customized. As a result, the number of goal conversions on the button "Call" was 298, on the "Leasing" - 485, on the "Contact" - 455.


At realization of a campaign it was necessary to increase systematically the conversion, the frequency of targeted actions, which was originally slightly lower than planned. To correct this discrepancy, we used the funnel method. Several mobile-managers have been appointed to work with this campaign. Two parallel campaigns were created, during which the sources, that generate the greatest number of conversions, were selected and unloaded in separate campaigns. Applications with high CTR, but with a low indicator of conversion were disconnected in passing.


We customized Google Analytics on the website for tracking the activity of users.


As a result of the constant and accurate work with a filtration of sources, we have succeeded to achieve a substantial increase in the CR. At the beginning of the campaign this indicator was 0,25%, at the end – 1,57%. We managed to exceeded the planned CTR – 0,8% almost twice – by the end of a campaign it was 1,33%.

CTR - 1,33%
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Screenshots of placements
Advertising campaign
Advertising campaign
Advertising campaign
Advertising campaign

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