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• Announcing the brand’s lottery where the users could win a family trip
• Attracting target audience to the brand’s Instagram account
• Stimulating the users to take part in the lottery


• Fullscreen Interstitials
• Manual campaign optimization by the apps and CTR
• Socio-Demographic targetings together with the relevant interests
• Whitelist with apps from the following categories: Healthy lifestyle, Sport, Shopping, Music, Community, Utilities, widgets


St. Petersburg



In order to reach the target audience, in addition to socio-demographic characteristics (M/F 25-35 years old), targeting by relevant interests was applied. The groups of interests used were: Healthy lifestyle (healthy food, natural products, low calories products, cooking healthy, diet, weight control, loosing weight, organic food, etc), Shopping (promotions, sales, lotteries), Family and Children (children, families and parenting, items for kids, books for kids, baby sitters, undergraduate children parents, traveling with family, traveling with children)


During the whole advertising campaign there was an ongoing daily optimization usinf BYYD’s statistics. List of apps was collected and corrected daily by the behaviour results it gave us and the client


• Clicks
Plan – 10.000
Fact – 10.286
• Reach – more than 280.000 users

Brand lift
• Within the users that saw the banners during the campaign the statistics is as follows:
– Clicked “YES” – 92% (205 clicks)
– Clicked “NO” – 8% (17 clicks)
• Within the users that didn’t see the banners during the campaign the statistics is as follows:
– Clicked “YES” – 36% (82 clicks)
– Clicked “NO” – 64% (148 clicks)
• Growth of the brand knowledge is 155%



Screenshots of placements

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